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12/16/2011 c1 2LucyMac
Hi - I read this months ago but didn't have an account then so I don't think I left a note. I have thought of this story many times since reading. Friends of mine went to Vegas recently and came back talking about the amount of prostitution and I thought, I wonder how many are in a situation like "Isabella". It makes me so angry, sad and scared for this world. Things like your story, I think, make a difference. They make people think and aware. Thank you for writing.
12/14/2011 c1 2ReadourMindff
Very powerful Message. Reality of things that go on in this world many times are not spoken of. Thank you for sharing. Maybe your writing can help someone out there?
12/10/2011 c1 SteTrajano
Wow. I'm speechless.
12/4/2011 c1 Siriusmunchkin
Well written. Human slavery has been going on since the beginning of time and will continue as long as this world continues.
12/1/2011 c1 zoooaaa
A really touching story on slaves. What I didn't understands was why Alice didn't inform the authorities.It would have saved bella.
12/1/2011 c1 12TwilightMomofTwo
As gritty as this story is, I must commend you for writing it and shedding some light on this despicable thing we call Human Trafficking. Because those words don't really cover the extent of the damage that is done to those men, women and children who become victims of these vile beings that dare to call themselves human.

Kudos to you.

11/30/2011 c1 14mirrorlight31
I can't imagine what it's like for women and/or men that have been through this. Great job on the story
11/25/2011 c1 Cynthalia
I totally agree with you that in stories like these are not HEA. It could not be as it is not a funny thing to be raped and beaten to death and then falling in love with the perpetrator. I love this story because it shows the real world and real experience in these situations. There is not such thing as condoning these types of situations, women that experience all these end up broken without repair, and definitely there is no such love construed in fear. Violence is not sexy no matter how sexy is the perpetrator. Very well done with this story as far as putting the facts as they are
11/22/2011 c1 5piper-rox
This is a devastating story. It is heartbreaking that real women and children go through this every day. Thank you for writing about it so well.
11/16/2011 c1 featherme
Wow. I don't know what to say. This is a powerful story.
10/31/2011 c1 HDan
too intense.. i cant even think about the events like damn realistic !god.. in real world , there are girls who are suffering like Bella.. and look at me ! i have a family , i'm safe , i'll have a good job when i'll graduate in this year.. but i often feel depressive? What the hell is wrong with me ? i'm so ashamed of myself right now..

so thank you so much for writing such a soul-touching story.. it must have been hard to write this.. :/
10/25/2011 c1 marigold123
I have to admit, this is not the first time I tried to read this story. I have kind of read this in parts. The hoplessness, the total domination that Bella feels. Bella's only choice was to take her own life. What a sad fucked up world we live in. It was brave of you to write on this subject...horrifying and eye opening. Sigh...
10/21/2011 c1 Ahumbled
Thank you.

As an avid fanfic reader, I tend to get carried away with storylines as long as the story is woven in an appealing manner. However as an idealist/moralist, I've always believed that everything I consume, metaphorically speaking, would carry a message, intentional or not, to the heart.

I couldn't read this story word for word. But I hope that one day I will. I've read a few stories, quite enthusiastically- I'll admit, that have romanticized slavery and never actually took into consideration how real the issue is. (Btw, I'm not antagonising these stories and I'm sure that wasn't your intention either.) Now I actually feel a bit guilty for finding pleasure or entertainment in something that is realistically tragic.

I feel awakened to the deception and disillusionment of getting lost in fiction and allowing it to cloud my view of reality. I apologize for the ramble but it's so real now, I can't ignore it.

Thank you for speaking out. Even though its fictionalised. Thank you. Thank you so much for allowing me to listen.

If you dont
10/18/2011 c1 Foreverisover23
Oh My God i read this and i was crying its terrible that this is a real thing in our world and i applaud u for writing bout it.
10/18/2011 c1 Evelyn
Poignant and beautiful (if such a word can be applied here).

Your story will stick with me for a long time, thank you.
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