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12/7/2011 c4 103Above the Winter Moonlight
It's Luke. I really really really do think it's Luke from the future.

Very good chapter.

Update as soon as you possibly can.
12/5/2011 c4 13Zarra Rous
This chapter made me laugh. JarJar is so funny, and I liked L's reaction to him. I can just see him shaking his head at him and Qui-Gon. As for your question at the end, I don't think I would've have known for sure that it was L.Skywalker if I hadn't known about the fall of Jacen and death of Anakin Solo, I would have suspected it, but that detail along with the mention of his right hand sure convinced me. Great job on this chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
12/5/2011 c3 103Above the Winter Moonlight
I know who Ben Antilles is!

I know who Ben Antilles is!

I know who Ben Antilles is!

Very good chapter.
12/3/2011 c3 purpleAm5
Good story so far. I like that the changes are small but significant. I have a feeling you're not going to make easy for "Ben" and the jedi. Things have to change with Jedi whether they like it or not. Keep up the good work.
9/6/2011 c3 13Zarra Rous
Oh my... I really like this and had an 'ah ha' moment when I realized just who 'Ben' is. This is a clever use of temporal manipulation. Kudos. Keep up the great work, can't wait for the next chapter.
7/12/2011 c3 angie
This is very good, and well written! It is a different take on Episode one with more character involved. Don't be discouraged if there are not many reviews, some people don't leave them for various reasons. Do the story for your own experience of writing. I am looking forward to what happens next!
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