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2/21/2012 c3 anime-lover890
Even though Shiro killed Ichi you still feel bad for him cause Ichi cheated on him and like you said he did actually tell the truth, sad but still a beautiful story thanx for uploading it ^_^
6/20/2011 c1 18MitsukiSora-dessu
Ugh! I'm soooo sorry for never replyin to your reply on the 3rd chapter. It wont let me reply now. I seriously do like this though.
6/14/2011 c3 Mizashi
OMGGGG this was AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING! O_O Gaah, this story was so delightfully DARK that I drank in everything it had to offer, and I was pretty much rendered speechless by the time I finished reading. Shiro's possessive obsession with Ichigo and how far he was willing to go for the sake of their love was what really struck me the most. And what's more, I can actually kind of see that as an accurate ending for this pairing (if it was real XD). But seriously, I really enjoy reading all of your fanfics of these two, because no matter what genre they are (angst, tragedy, comedy, drama, etc.) I ALWAYS come to love them all, a fact that surprises me because they're so drastically different from each other. Which is why I respect and love you so much as my favorite writer :D

Oh, and I have listened to the trilogy too! It's really catchy despite the dark lyrics, so it kind of gives me a weird mixed feeling whenever I listen to them XD Also, have you heard of the fanfic The Dying Light in the Glowing Shadow by Fozygirl? It's another kind of darkish HichiIchi fic that somehow reminds me of yours, so if you're ever interested you can check it out if you want :)

Sorry for another long review! This is what happens when I don't get to read your stories for a long time, haha. That, and taking an advanced English Language Composition course at school XD Anyway, LOVED this fanfic and I can't wait to see what other updates you'll have for us in the future!
4/22/2011 c3 MitsukiSora-dessu
okay this like fucked (sorry bout crude words but it really fit at the moment) me up. I was watchin Criminal Minds, That murder mystery show on T.V. while I was reading this. And its like 2:50 a.m. Man i got F'd up. =.=" This was seriously good though! You did sooooo good on this!
4/19/2011 c3 74rinkaku
Gah, I'm so sorry I couldn't review this great story any sooner! But, firstly: I knew it was going to be a great story once I read if involved The Killers' songs *total fan* and Secondly, I really love the way you've interpreted the lyrics to all of these.

Bonus points of a insane Shiro and Lawyer Aizen. :D
4/17/2011 c3 PunkRockHolly
see, crazy people are so damn scary because they think they're completely justified. they *don't* feel guilty. which is what made this so great - you kept with Shiro's totally crazy thing, and wrote it brilliantly, of course. it was a little freaky! but excellent :)

lol, random Aizen insert. hahahah, that made me giggle, but the bit about him made sense. godfather, lawyer...yeah.

loved it!

when are you updating L&G? I'm really excited for this conversation between Shiro and Ichi...tho i don't know when it will actually happen! haha, can't wait though :)
4/15/2011 c2 PunkRockHolly
no, that wasn't what i meant...but it was still amazing.

poor Shiro. he's crazy. but, damn, Ichigo's MEAN in this. who does that to their ex? what a little shit head. jeez. even though it's sick, Shiro seems justified, which is testament to your skill. :)

can't waaaaiit for the final one! :D
4/15/2011 c2 8Strawberry-Ringo
Just now reviewing for this chapter. I decided that I'd move my reviews to FFN now. lol This website at least gives me updates that I check on a daily basis.

Now to the latest chapter...Gasp! Shiro killed Ichigo? OH you did tell me I might need that tissue box, and now I'm believing you. I can see his thought process but I don't think I could ever kill the man I love with my whole being, even if he did something like that. If I may ask, what song is the next chapter going to be based off? And how do you plan on continuing with Ichi dead?

Please update soon ^^

Ps. lol I listened to a Killers song today and now I've got "Sombody Told Me" stuck in my head. X'D
4/15/2011 c2 Solifer
Wow. I mean- wow.

I've known that this will come, but you still managed to make me speechless - I stared for god knows how long at my screen. Your writing always carries all the emotions perfectly to the reader...

Excuse me now, I need to find a tissue.
4/3/2011 c1 Solifer
Ohh I love the trilogy :D

can't wait for the other two and how you're gonna put it all into action.
4/3/2011 c1 Mizashi
Yay, now the error's gone! I'm glad you're finally able to post this Trilogy as a separate story on FF. Now to see what happens in the second part! Ahh, so sad and angtsy. D:
4/2/2011 c1 PunkRockHolly
so, i haven't read these in 10 clicks, but i remember how the songs go...i'm scared! but super excited! poor Shiro... :( he'll make things better. i think. excited! :)
3/31/2011 c1 8ravensterling123
omg amazing story!
3/31/2011 c1 fallowell
great start...

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