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for Kenobi's Certain Point of Veiw

5/18/2012 c1 songsmith
Hey, I apologize for abusing the review system like this, and I'm going to leave this unsigned so you can delete it if you like, but your PMs are turned off and I didn't know how to get in touch.

You left a review on my story, "To Speak and To Keep Silent", which, first, thank you! and second, it got cut off, so I just wanted to be sure there wasn't a question or request or something I ought to be responding to missing. If not, then thanks for reviewing and I apologize for my paranoia!
4/8/2012 c2 16Paradoxpixie
Note to self: u r missing a scene. One with Luke going "Ben, why didn't you tell me?" Right after dueling Vader.
4/13/2011 c2 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvvvvv
Hi, Just finished reading this two chapter story and find it extremely well written. Im an avid fan of anything Star Wars and usually wince whenever someone tries to decipher the very complex relationship between Obi Wan and Anakin. You've managed to not only do that brilliantly in just two chapters but you managed to capture the innate humility that was Luke Skywalker, a thing many writers of the fandom miss and something I feel was the eventual key to understanding's Luke and his motivations. It's rare for a writer to get inside the head of a character he/she did not invent. Kudos. Well written! [And you see, I didn't even get close to ranting! :)]
4/13/2011 c2 30Ayra Sei Ethari
Interesting take on it. I like it.

4/6/2011 c2 88Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
I liked the second chapter much better than the first for some reason. Hmm. Love the idea the Ben told that to Luke because Ben himself believed it.

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