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10/24/2011 c5 81Reina Grayson
I don't like this secret team that's USING Drake.

Also, a bit of advice, you have the team's Zeta beam recognition codes wrong, I'll send you a private message with the right numbers.
10/7/2011 c1 draco13
love it. you should make drake be red x. and keep it up, i look forward to it.

P.S have him act exactly like red x
7/5/2011 c3 Reina Grayson
I have a feeling that program that was being download is working well enough, even for 75% completion.

*begins thinking of all possible senarios that could possibly happen*
5/17/2011 c2 34David-El
He was dead? Okay, that either means that he's a clone, or he bathed in the Lazarus Pits. Either's possible, considering Cadmus' connection to the League of Shadows.
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