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7/17/2020 c14 Guest
7/17/2020 c12 Guest
I love the tension, but also that you actuallt have a mystery subplot!
7/17/2020 c11 Guest
oooh sweet Al
7/17/2020 c10 Guest
You write Al and scorpius so well!
7/17/2020 c9 Guest
7/16/2020 c8 Guest
I must admit that I don't like Louis even one bit, but your Al and Scorpius are captivating
7/16/2020 c7 Guest
You write Scorpius the best
7/16/2020 c6 Guest
not so much a fan of high maintnance rekationships, but I am enjoring the fic thus far :)
7/16/2020 c5 Guest
Who would of thought that a Goyle would be cute?
7/16/2020 c4 Guest
Darling! Yum!
7/16/2020 c3 Guest
Holy Hogwarts!
7/16/2020 c2 Guest
Love te buildup!
7/16/2020 c1 Guest
Love the partners prompt
4/24/2018 c19 Sh.MedD
I love this pairing so much! but the more I read your stories the more I fall in love with Louis and Rorak, could you please write a story with them as the main pairing, not second and not a sequel, an original story so to speak!?
9/24/2017 c19 Cameronr19
This is my second time reading this one, and it was just as good the second time! I love the slow buildup and I love the originality. So many of them are set at Hogwarts so this is a refreshing change. Rory and Louis are my favorite non cannon pairing so that always is a plus in my book. How do you come up with all these different great scenarios? It's amazing! As always, I wish it had been longer haha. Please write a new Scorbus!
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