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for The Lightning Thief: Ace's Version!

7/25/2015 c6 5Neko-fire demon tempest
Yey! Percy's finally a part of the story.
8/17/2014 c1 2UnexpectedChair
That's not how you spell Selene.
Plus, Selene Beamount is the original Selene Oc.
I wrote her back in 2011...
So no. Please.
Selene Beamount forever :c
1/11/2014 c10 2MCRDanime
Longer chapter please. Update again soon!
11/16/2013 c8 MCRDanime
I love it! Update again soon!
8/1/2012 c6 MCRDanime
Please continue. Update soon!
4/29/2012 c6 6fanficfantasies
Hola,hola! hey, didyou ever relize u may not be getting reviews because your stories to good for them? I LOVE how you shaped Selean, especially her name. Did u notice that some of your sentences start in lower case letters? Other thatn that UPDaTE! :!
4/29/2012 c4 fanficfantasies
Hi! Ijust read chapter 4 and I would like to answer your question. If I found out that I was a demigod... well i probably wouldn't question it. i've always been like that, sometimes I find it hard to not believe the things they say in books. Guliable ,right. Next I would try and figure out which one of my parents was a step-person. I have no parent issues and i'm alot like them so it would be hard. Next? Well I would be scared to death, confused, and startled. I would probably be forced to find a camp before something else found me. Wait, what about my sister? Or where would I look? Uggg! I'm so glad this stuff only happens in books. hey, I felt doughtful just by writing that! well, thanks for reading
4/29/2012 c1 eragon0123
I like it. It's a weird concept. How gods are not supposed to interfere in mortal lives. It's a stretch but it works. Also Annabeth is 12 not 13. Same age as Percy.
10/7/2011 c5 gerson
its a gud story keep going
8/23/2011 c4 Frostdraga
Lol. Great job on the story. You're a good writer. And to answer your question;

I would um... Tell my mom or dad and go look around my school for satrys (lol. Did i spell that correctly? I dunno. My spelling sucks)
7/27/2011 c4 Ianian58

One of the few reasons, the people I call 'pro' won't review, nor will, well, other normal people, is because sadly, your character seems Mary-Sueish, a 'perfect, strong, beautiful character' which usually atracts one of the main character on the book, which is Percy, will fall in love each other, or so I think.

Also, how fast have you updated? Try to make demands for more reviews. Change the summary if you want, try to make it more...interesting.

Well hope you update and get more reviews.

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