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7/17/2013 c8 flaming rose
My mind…is offically…blown.
6/16/2013 c8 18I Know I'm A Dreamer
Ohohohohohon *nosebleed*
1/1/2012 c8 13doujinshininjah
very nice!*wink* You could actually have gone farther with this, like why he didn't want to go back to Italy and a little of Antonio's background maybe. Very, very good though.
12/22/2011 c8 5Chazzyheartslexi
This. Was. So... Cute/sexy/romantic/heart wrenching/sweet/hot and more! You said this is your fist time writing spamano, but I wouldn't have known. You write them so perfectly! Aww! I thought Spain was so cute and sweet! X3 I loved how things worked out in this of wothout being "too perfect" like they are in others. They finally got together, but it took some time for that to happen, and I appreciated that! :D omg! I just loved this so much. 1 billion stars! Lol I hope to read more from you in the future!
12/18/2011 c8 1Scarlet daydreamer
Wow, you updated. I had ALMOST forgotten what this fic was even about.
11/21/2011 c1 7anchorise
*^* I love this soooo much! Please update soon~~
9/5/2011 c7 59Roxi2Star
9/4/2011 c7 27mymanisfictional
Aww so romantic~ I liked the phrases and words that they said, it was so sweet~
9/3/2011 c7 15MiraMizu15
THIS IS AMAZING, please please write more! you write one chapter and I'm all like, "okay, cool, i can wait patiently for the next one," and I kind of forget about this story until you update and then I'm all like, "HELL YES GIVE ME MORE!"

so... um... please update, por favor?

heh heh, sorry for mauling you...
9/2/2011 c7 Tiny Fox Kujo
I cant wait for the next chapter~! Keep writing~!
8/7/2011 c3 2Statuess
Did Antonio mean to call Lovino a girl when he said "mi bonita Italiana"? Just wondering. :P
8/4/2011 c6 BergamotAndRevolutionaryFervor
Sorry lovi but antonios probably Portugals brother:) well this'll be interesting. And thanks for updating!
8/3/2011 c6 abandoned account 6.2013
Ah...I love this wayyyyyy to much. XD Lovely work, keep it up. :D
8/1/2011 c6 59Roxi2Star
I wanna cry...
7/31/2011 c6 2AlexLeFee
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