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7/13/2003 c14 5Ridley
Can you continue this soon? This is the only 02 rewrite I've found that I really like.
7/13/2003 c14 19OrionTheHunter
cool fic
5/26/2003 c13 97RaiLei
Update soon! It's been a long time, ok? lol.

4/9/2003 c1 lil-angel5534
It's really good!

And can you plaese update soon!
4/2/2003 c14 Mamorukaiyo
3/29/2003 c14 Koura
Hey man... great story you have here.. hope u'll continue!
3/24/2003 c14 Kaemon Manzo
Great story so far! I really hope that you write some more chapters soon.
2/17/2003 c14 17CustomMagnum
This is really good.
2/16/2003 c1 digifan111
i really like your story, its written so well i think u should continue it
1/28/2003 c14 17Silver Warrior
Great chapter. I don't know why I didn't review before. I love this. A Kimeramon? Those things should be a cinch for a pair of Mega's as powerful as Justimon and Seraphimon. Especially Seraphimon. Adding WarGreymon to that mix should be overkill. Heck, Seraphimon could be considered overkill. Then again, you may not think Seraphimon is as strong as I do. That, or Ken made then even more powerful in this universe. I'm mpushing for the latter. Still, great job and I hope you update this story again soon.
1/22/2003 c14 Sephiroth's Son
Excellent and dramatic. TK becomes a source of angst in this story like he does in no other and Kari becomes the loyal lover accompanying him on his dark journey. I would like to suggest for your next chapter that you focus on Davis' and Cody's own personal feelings towards our champion, as well as how the whole original group feels about his return. Anyway, please keep your story strong. I look forward to the next chapter.
1/21/2003 c14 SNS
NOOOO! Why did it have to stop THERE! I hope you're writing the next chap to this story, cuz if you're not.. i am SOOO gonna come over there and KILL you with my own hands..., hehehe just joking... but i DO hope that the next chapter will come soon... i'm trying to find some REALLY good stories... and i don't have a lot... but this is REALLY good... i can't afford your story to come off my list of 'good stories' sooo.. i hope you add more chapters sooon! TOODLES!
12/27/2002 c14 Nule
Heh, I had almost forgotten ‘bout that monster (Though I thought it was written “Chimeramon”) EXCELLENT story, plot and everything keep it up!
12/23/2002 c14 65Planet Mads
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Exciting! when's the next chapter up?
12/16/2002 c14 Anya
Not bad - the plot continues to thicken. But remember - too much farther with TK and Kari, and this story won't be PG 13 anymore!
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