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for T is for Trouble

1/25/2012 c11 Lya3
Your story is quite unique. I like it. I read it before, but I just don't have much time to review...

In this chapter, I think that (maybe) Byakuran had something to do with Tsuna's predicament. Maybe he did something to change Tsuna into a girl for a future purpose... Like for him to be able to defeat her? To merge their families together? To get his revenge? To obliterate her?

The truth is, I was really thinking that you won't continue this story, so I was surprised (in a good way) to see an update.

I'm gonna wait for the next chapter~!

Till then, I hope you'd be able to handle and bear all the work needed to be done in college! (I wouldn't know, 'cause I'm still in high school... but it must be hard...)

Ciao ciao~ 3


1/25/2012 c11 17Kichou
Nice chapter. Update soon please.
1/24/2012 c11 5KitsuneNaru
ooo hoo hoo hoo! i can't wait for more!
1/24/2012 c11 5jasminliertha
Enma and Tsuna are so adorable. It should be illegal to be that cute. X3

Chrome and her misunderstandings. *snicker*

Byakuran is showing up? 8D
1/12/2012 c10 3killerninjaz
1/1/2012 c10 MeiGrace
AHHHH, so good! I love how you wrote the story, and i read all 10 chapters in one go! Dangitt, 4month hiatus why?
12/21/2011 c10 yukiruhina23
i luv it... update more... wahh hahahaah *lambo laugh* i luv the different thoughts that tsuna-chan is creating to his hot guardians... wahahaha i feel jealous about it a little but that what makes it good... i really luv hibari mukuro and tsuna...keep up the GOOD WORK :3 ...
12/13/2011 c10 21ezcap1st
Pfft... So amusing. You're up-to-date with internet trends!
10/12/2011 c10 8hentai18ancilla
The Severus Snape bit was redundant and confusing,tho I can't wait to see what happens when she starts accepting their advances or shows interests in Gokudera and he reciprocates to his Tenth...
8/25/2011 c10 Yureka-chan
..Oh my.. Really really great so far! But I think you have a typo in your omake. "Mukuro's tits", really? O.o I think what you meant was "fits"?
8/15/2011 c10 2EminaRukiax
OMG! The title of this chapter is Canvas! My favorite song ever! And the Omake was very good indeed, I can't wait to what will happen next!

8/13/2011 c10 Queen of the Avast Seas
haha great chapter! i wonder what they mean by disturbance... anyways... Yay! Enma's here! I just love him! I wanna see his epic face when he finds out the girl he met was Tsuna! hehe
8/12/2011 c10 Review Person D
Hey hey! OMG I love this fanfic! BUAHAHAHWHHAAHAHA it has made me laugh so hard. I hope you update very soon! Your fanfic makes me smile. Hmm all27, eh? Maybe a bit more 1827 action... Sorry, huge fan of 1827! Don't mind me! I would love to see Hibari or Mukuro blush somewhere. That would be cool! But your story is perfect already so whatever! I have decided to give you a good lengthy review. I know every author loves reviews and honestly you deserve a good one. BTW got any fav pairings? You already know mine. Haha. Tsuna is so adorable... (; . ANYWAYS. Your story is super cute and fun! It's funny how Chrome-chan thinks Tsuna and Mukuro are dating! I was laughing a lot. You have got great writing skills, no doubt about it! Keep up the good work, Hun! Upload soon!


~ Review Person :D

P.S. ; sorry I couldn't make it as lengthy as I could have! /3
8/12/2011 c10 Stargazer
update soon!
8/12/2011 c10 1sunstar13

I love this! Tsuna-chan is so cute! And I love how he turned into a girl and has to deal with this and how his very thought process has changed.

About the clues... I have no idea. I'm not really good at that type of thing.

The omake is really cute though! Why not just have Xanxus or Reborn come in at the last second and end up with Tsuna (so it would be none of the five). That would be hilarious. *Smirk*

Thank you for writing this, I look forward to the next chapter!
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