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8/12/2011 c7 Stargazer
love it!
8/12/2011 c6 Stargazer
lol. :D :D :D
8/12/2011 c10 RealityBitez
DAmn i forgot how awesome this fic is..It's been a while ^^ Hahha, lolz! She can't help but find her friends..'attractive'? XD Omg i feel like i just wanna glomp Tsuna right nao..! Its okay there, there, it's just the hormones..

And oh wow, you included Enma in here THANK YOUUUUUU~! XD Hahha, the two no-good bosses are so cutee! (wonder how tsuna felt bout him now that he's a girl...?)

Loved the omake, will it be a story on its own? If so, that'd be awesomee, keep it up! ^w^ thanks for updating
8/12/2011 c10 YuujouKami
oh my! the situation seems to be more serious that what Tsuna and the others thought...can't wait for the next chapter...by the way, i don't know if you already mentioned it somewhere or if i already asked you this before but...are there any pairing in this fic...preferably an 1827 pairing?

well, good luck on your next chapter and hope you update soon ^-^
8/12/2011 c10 9SpringSugar
Umm about Snape from Harry Potter about the Deathly Hallows 2? :L taking a guess here! XD Update when you can please! Tsuna is so cute for falling for everyone :P
8/12/2011 c10 17Kichou
Nice chapter. Update soon please.
8/12/2011 c10 ReGyMi
It's been so long!

But in my humble opinion it was a good chapter, we're getting closer to the truth behind Tsuna's condition. I hope Tsuna-chan genders not switch, I somehow can think of tsuna all macho man XD ... the girly state kind of go with him/her XDD
8/11/2011 c10 hiyomi
Thank you for the update ^_^ Finally they are at Mafia-land. It was hilarious, and there were some serious matter at the end too.

I feel sorry for Tsuna, how will she explain it to Enma~ her shirt cracked me up. The arcobalanos are onto something...reminded me about the lates chapter.

For the omake, I hope she ends up with Mukuro :)

Hope you update soon XD Can't wait~
8/11/2011 c10 2tsuna27kety
U-um what the clue suppose to about? Maybe I could guess if u told me? Pretty please *sparkly puppy eyes*

and I love how tsunas experiencing life as a girl haha X)

Luv ur story
8/11/2011 c10 gyutiepie
I vote for kyoya.. just cause I really like their couple. Secong would be gokudera.

I loved this chapter

And yes.. kyoya is a bad nii-san
8/11/2011 c10 Conanfan15
Yo Luchi-chan! (A mixture of both names, just wanted to try something different I guess? Haha...^^")

I actually wanted to reply to your review before, but as you have PMs disabled and you didn't sign in when you put up that lovely review, I wasn't able to think up of anything...^^' Really I am an idiot ne? But lets forget about that for now! The focus right now is on your tenth chapter! :)

Can I ask something? (You don't need to answer and it may be off the mark...) but do the title songs have something to do with the story? Like this song, if I remember it correctly, was a little sad, but contained great emotions: Hope, Courage, and Resolution.

I feel sorry for Tsuna...I really do, hormones are horrible things and even though I don't get attacked by them at all-(My friend actually tried to figure out if I was bisexual because of me not thinking that way...^^" See that bad)- I do sympathize with others. It must be torture for her, but that aside let me ask- is there a supernatural reason for all this? Like you know, a once-in-a-millennium change of FATE or something? XD I think her 'curse' is related to the Arcobaleno's somehow. And noooooo! The future changed! DX But I guess Tsuna will just have to make it better again like he/she did before. XD Unless you are leaning towards tragedy, which would break everyone's hearts and make them shake their fists at you. (I would also be pretty sad, but as long as its written well, I think I can endure it. :) )

Gotta say I liked the jokes, Enma hitting on girls and Tsuna supporting Severus Snape...hahaha the omake was really good too! :D I liked how you put in a separate introduction for every character, and that Gokudera doesn't know what the quest is for. XD Hahahaha...no wonder he was able to even 'think' about working with the others. If he knew it was to get a husbando for her (loled at that too XD) then I think he would go on a bombing spree.

Lets see then, I think you will make the Arcobaleno with the clear pacifer come into this story somehow. (Mind you, I said 'think'. There is a 99.999999999999% chance of me utterly WRONG ^^')

Well then, good luck with Organic Chemistry, and wonderful job on getting those scores in Anatomy and Physiology! :) Do you want to be a doctor? I think you need those subjects for it...though I have only studied Biology and not separate sections of it. But then again...it is all the same thing in the end ne? ^^"

Ah yes! I think I noticed you adding in the name Elena in your story before, and I remember being surprised when I read the manga. Thats literally amazing! Maybe you have some sleeping intuition? XD And I don't know what to think of Daemon anymore! I used to like him, and then feel a little annoyed that he was evil now (I was actually thinking of making him the 'bad guy' but then he does another 360 and becomes somewhat good! (Who can question the acts for love after all? Bah! :( )

But then again, we all love KHR and thats the most important thing. :D

Well, I am not sure if I picked up on any real hints... but thats all for now! Maybe later, if my mind has a 'Eureeka!' moment I will leave another review... Bye-bi~


P.S: Hahaha...really? I don't think that could have been used in an actual story. ^^" There would be too much drama, angst and melancholy for anybody to write (let alone read). But I am glad you think so! :)
8/1/2011 c9 hiyomi
welll...If I-pin didn't recognize Tsunna as a girl...that mean she turned back to girl in the future? That's too bad~ But seriously...Reborn is troublesome as always! I can't wait for the next chapter...plz update soon!
8/1/2011 c8 hiyomi
The vibe from kokuyo land was hilarious~ death by pineapple...lolz. Chrome is really set on Mukuro and Tsuna!
8/1/2011 c7 hiyomi
Finally that day came..when Tsuna experience being female for the first time and pmsing of course! Can't believe Shamal had those with him but it's still expected! lolz...I was surprised Reborn didn't make any comment about that~ Now how will she convince Mukuro and Hibari~
8/1/2011 c6 hiyomi
I see...she is adjusting being a girl! Chrome misunderstood big time X_X poor Tsuna...turned to a girl in a overnight like that~ and now she can't suppress her hormones well!
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