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for The Boring Life of a Newsie

12/13/2017 c4 Guest
This is wonderfully written! The way you wrote made the story seem all the more authentic.
I'm writing a letter in the perspective of a newsie, and your use of language helped me so much!
Thank you!
1/4/2013 c4 25LucyOfNarnia
Yay! Panther's life is back!
8/10/2011 c3 Kc
YES. SCORE. I have waited SO LONG for somebody to write this.
6/13/2011 c3 2Mychildishromance
Well that was hard to figure out keep up the updates
6/13/2011 c3 25LucyOfNarnia
lol. Aw, poor Panther. He wants to be a gentleman and court the girl but, ahem, "She's Spot's right now." Great job friend! It was loverly. :)
6/5/2011 c2 2Mychildishromance
Oh this is funny cant wait.

Did you mean for all the mispellings?

Keep it up

Peace love mush
6/5/2011 c2 25LucyOfNarnia
Yay! you wrote it! And it was loverly. As far as being boring, it was funy (hehe) anyway. I like it verry (;D) much. So updatte (lol) soon. :)
4/9/2011 c1 25webcomix
I agree with all these statements - it never fails to amaze me how this fandom, having been around for quite a while, STILL churns out the same old plots and concepts. Which is why I left it after a while.

So, I shall await the beginning of the story most patiently C:
4/3/2011 c1 25LucyOfNarnia
haha, sounds interesting, but I'm afraid I've probably been guilty of at least one or two of those cliche's. BUT I try to add a twist to mine, sort a... yep. What do you think?
4/2/2011 c1 PrincessConseulaBananaFanick
Sounds really promising. I was thinking along the same exact line as you. Can't wait for the first chapter.
4/2/2011 c1 Christina Conlon
I. Love. This. Idea.

Seriously, I can't wait until the first chapter is put up! This sounds like it could be interesting... yes, very interesting indeed... :3 I've always wanted to read a story like this, but I could never find one that was well written. But then this came lil' number came along, and I was like: "Oh, YUSH! Finally!" ;D

*faves* :D

Keep up the great work, and please please PLEASE get that first chapter out soon! :D

~ Christina Conlon
4/2/2011 c1 REd Rose Queen
Oh, your back! i realy like this idea!

-Red Rose QUeen

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