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10/25/2011 c1 9Lioness Lazuli
Haha! I totally understand when you said that ironically you like lengthy reviews but short description in plot which goes straight to the action!

Anyway.. hm.. lovely vocabulary... maybe beginning could have used less description/intro and more straight into action...

First paragraph was slightly large, but the rest was much better proportioned.

In one paragraph, Kyouya was slightly out of character- more because he wouldn't even have used such unsophisticated language (sorry I can't quite remember which dialogue it was)but seeing as he's having such a convo, it doesn't matter too muchXD
5/6/2011 c2 4Literary Eden
I REALLY like this. It's so brilliantly devised, and I actually think the characters are written very in character, so worry not. I’ve been having a difficult time finding a well rounded Ouran story with a decent plot line, and this seems to be (so far) what I’ve been looking for. I cannot wait for the next chapter, and I'll be sitting patiently, waiting to read more and give you further praise. Please continue, you have quite the new fan here!
4/15/2011 c2 11archangelBBQ
Another excellent chapter! One of the things I loved about Ouran was Haruhi's calm, unflappable demeanor, and you really captured that in this chapter but elaborated even further on it as well. I can honestly say I am not too worried about any sort of personality differences from the original (after all, I do that all the time). I'm not really sure why, but I think that the interactions between Tamaki and Kyouya in the previous chapter somehow felt a little more natural and fluid than Renge and Haruhi's conversation in this one. Perhaps it's just because I don't really identify with Renge as strongly as the other characters. I am looking forward to see how Haruhi and Tamaki's next meeting will go!

I love this style of chapters- the disconnected pieces with references to the past. I think I should have to try it out sometime. :)

(oh, and I forgot to say for the last chapter- I probably grinned just a little bit wider when I saw Oliver Davis hiding behind the Newsweek. Of course Naru just brings a thrill to my heart.) ;)

Anyway, splendid writing and I'm looking forward to the next installment!

best, a_bbq
4/15/2011 c1 archangelBBQ
This is great! It's been a while since I've read Ouran (and I only saw a couple episodes of the anime), so I was a little worried that there would be intricacies I might not catch on to, but it seems I remember enough about the protagonists after all. I'm glad I finally found the time to read this! I love the dialogue between Tamaki and Kyouya - somehow it's so perfect!. They are perfectly in character. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect, too-it's light and playful, intriguing and it draws you in to the next chapter. Speaking of which... :) I'm curious to see how Tamaki's initial advances on this unsuspecting waitress goes.

Thank you for writing! You'll be hearing a little more from me in a little bit I'm sure.
4/4/2011 c2 Eileena of Idreal
You have a pretty good story going on here! I'm enjoying it! Please update soon, okay?
4/3/2011 c1 1Windswept Willows
Interesting concept. Update soon, please!

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