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2/26/2015 c2 dayanelamejorhotmail.com
follow, please
3/14/2014 c2 Guest
Loved it very vivid.
5/27/2013 c2 ericajane
Good fill. This was a really nice story thanks! You should fill more stories.
4/23/2013 c2 redcode
amaaaaziiing u should continuee it
2/24/2013 c2 cpfmr
So hot!
12/5/2012 c1 Guest
Yeah u shoul write more
10/28/2012 c2 1ZeLuNatic22
More! Please! Ahaha i love it!
10/16/2012 c2 LoveLivingLife
Wow I thought that was funny you should continue!
10/10/2012 c2 p4tr1c14
HOT HOT HOT I love g!P britt, I really hope u continue this !
9/30/2012 c2 Guest
I REALLY wish you would keep this going
9/21/2012 c2 M206
2nd chapter was way better than the 1st:)
8/6/2012 c2 marina
hahaha love it! more more more
7/9/2012 c2 anon
Oh god. I need more.
7/6/2012 c2 1Eryk Lestrange
more please!

it could get to the point where Brittany is so horny, she's even fantasizing about bending Kurt over a chair
5/10/2012 c2 20Fever-Induced
This story is so damn hot. You should continue it
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