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for Beyond Darkness: Redux

12/24/2014 c1 Guest
Puppet here plz finsh and will there be a harem
9/20/2014 c1 KiyanaTheCrow
Ohh I like this story. I really like this story. *giggles crazily* Now this story needs more chappies! Post more soon ya hear?
11/19/2013 c1 killer4853
please update
8/25/2013 c1 muffins
NO PAIRINGS i have had enough romance i just want pure action so yeah and i love this story and i really want to know what happens next so hurry up and update (sorry if i wrote anything wrong english is my forth language)
4/3/2011 c1 3Reishin Amara
4/3/2011 c1 20Rivers of Angelic Roses
I like this! Way better than the first! Hope the next chapter is out soon!
4/3/2011 c1 1FerPeinRikudou
You have to tell us what pairings are available.

Update soon.

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