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1/29/2018 c1 1No White Flag
I think that this is one of my favourites, of your fanfiction. I first read the poem in high school. It is most definitely tragic, haunting even. Still it draws me to reread it, and even to like it. I can't explain why such a story, without a happy ending, is so compelling. Perhaps it is because it is still a story of love, and the willingness to sacrifice for the object of it. I will say, to your credit, that you added another dimension to the story. It's like I was "watching" it in black and white, and now I see it in colour. Thank you for sharing your talent and alternate version of this story. I look forward to more. Some people tell stories, while others draw the privileged readers into literary experiences.
2/17/2015 c9 Guest
This was a beautifully written story i love it
11/8/2012 c9 Guest
I liked it. Your story was better than most, and I'm impressed by how much you kept Jarlaxle and Entreri in character. I hope you keep writing :)
3/3/2012 c9 Daevara
That was beautiful. I've always loved the poem, but that story really made me think about it. Choosing Jarlaxle as the Highwayman was a wonderful choice, he really fit the character well. When I realized (around the second chapter or so) that this was based on the poem, I was worried that I'd cry or feel sad at the end when they died, but it ended sort of... hopefully, and the way Jarlaxle talked about loving Bess was truly beautiful.
2/13/2012 c8 1Dracarot
Having never read the highway man poem I have no idea how this shall end, but as this is still Dungeons and Dragons I do have to wonder if a cleric will use a revivify, ressurection, or true ressurection, as they are all possible, and Jarlaxle has the resources.
2/12/2012 c8 2BluePhoenix21
Joy! a new chapter is up! And you're taking us on a wild ride!

"watching his reflection shatter and the glass ricochet with a satisfying crash and rain of sparkling shards." Love the ricochet! An appropriate action from an emotional Jarlaxle, something we've all seen before, probably wanted to do before, but adding the ricochet was both satisfying and accurate with nothing cliche in the scene.

"sinking, slowly sinking, into the boggy muskeg." Hey! I learned a new word today! Adds a nice touch to clearly see the territory surrounding the plot.

"The golden sun pained his sensitive eyes, but the blue sky was beautiful, so beautiful." The repeated references to his fascination with the sky show the confusion and fading reality of an injured man in shock. Understated yet clearly understood. Well done!

And YAY ARTEMIS! Saving the day in the nick of time! Jarlaxle owes him immeasurably. ~~~PLOT BUNNY! ~~~ Jarl can save Entreri in your next story, LOL!

Such an exciting chapter, with much description of Jarl's overwhelming grief, unstoppable actions, and numbness of the world around him. Love experiencing his pain, his desperation, his need overriding the practicality that has kept him alive against so many odds all these long years.

This chapter was worth waiting for. I'm glad you're continuing it to the end. I just knew you would. :)
7/4/2011 c7 BluePhoenix21
"You lie!" His fists clenched and unclenched convulsively.

Entreri shook his head slightly. "At times, I lie," he conceded. "But not this time."

THAT SENTENCE IS SO REVEALING! Love how you paint Artemis; he's not easy to understand for most writers. And his quiet response to the accusation underscores the real meaning of that exchange... he knows Jarlaxle is going to hurt, even if he doesn't understand why; changing the focus by taking offense would muddle the point of what he wants Jarlaxle to hear.

"How often he'd wondered how such a battle between them might play out, "

Yeah, me too!

"Think!" he chastized. "Your judgment is clouded..."

Wonderful to see Entreri take charge ...and help a friend.

"You're right. And vith I hate you for it, but you're right."

A very telling response from Jarlaxle. ...and their friendship deepens...

THESE are the chapters I'm waiting to read! LOVE what you're doing with the poem; the dynamics and the action and the emotion... coming together beautifully!
7/4/2011 c6 BluePhoenix21
" There would be hell to pay. Absolute, then, was his shock..."

Love how you set that up.

"Do you doubt me?"

That's Artemis all the way, keeping control of his mark with very simple words that mean death... or worse. ~shiver~

" Why throw your life away for anyone - even your lover? He brushed the tangled black hair away from her face ..."

Another great bit for Artemis! He can't comprehend her sacrificing herself for another, yet he showed a quiet tenderness toward someone he didn't even know. Brilliant.

...And Jarlaxle is totally unaware of anything except the fun he had that night... It's going to feel even worse when he finds out what really happened!

Now we get to the best parts, and i can't wait to read them!
7/1/2011 c7 1alicelouise58
This is uncharted territory for The Highwayman. Entreri continues to be the steady influence on Jarlaxle.

Carrying the story beyond the original poem is adventuresome. As always, I enjoy your installments.
6/28/2011 c6 13Mystery Maiden 016
Oh no! Poor Jarlaxle! He'll be devastated when he finds out!
6/24/2011 c6 1alicelouise58
More unexpected twists to the story of Bess and the Highwayman. I liked the next to last scene with Entreri. He shows an unexpected tenderness. Poor Bess. I was kind of hoping her fate could have been different because of the nature of the FR verse.

Anyhoo, every entry of the Highwayman is welcome whenever it comes.
5/1/2011 c1 troll
needs more bacon
5/1/2011 c5 2BluePhoenix21
This chapter is just great!

The allusion of Bess growing colder as the trigger grows warmer... that was wonderful. Chilling, actually! And it was a nice touch to have Jarlaxle regretful that he had to spur his horse; he doesn't seem the type to abuse animals.

i've been waiting to see if your story would follow the poem, with Bess sacrificing herself for Jarlaxle. Well written! NOW the question is... what will Jarlaxle do about it when he finds out? And will Entreri be involved?

I can't wait to see!
5/1/2011 c5 1alicelouise58
Oh, I'm Left hanging! This is the best feature of the story. This is coming from someone familiar with The Highwayman.

It can't be said enough; keep the installments coming!
4/25/2011 c4 8RunMoogles
Amazing! I love it! I have always loved this poem. It's a neat twist to put these characters in such a situation. Have you ever heard Loreena McKennitt sing this poem? She does a spectacular rendition of it.
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