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for Herwald von Einzbern and the Chamber of Secrets

1/27 c21 Major Ginyu
I dare say this and it's prequel are the best fate/harry potter fics i've ever read. I really really hope you post the first chapter of the reboot soon.
12/29/2020 c21 naia1
plz update!
11/19/2020 c1 A Businessman
I hope you continue this at some point
6/15/2020 c21 6Ryuuohjin
So what happened to the rewrite?
5/21/2020 c21 KischurZelretch von Schweinorg
i find it a good story, and i would wish if you could writing up a epiloge. its really saddening that this story doesnt/wont have a part 3,4, etc. i would have loved a new hgw war as example, in which the team is: shiro, rin, sakura, illya, herwald, flamel and perenelle as masters (everyone but herwald will be part of team black, but herwald still on team blacks side)
1/4/2020 c1 2Framework
Come back to this please.
7/30/2019 c21 Centipede996
Please update again
2/27/2019 c21 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 21
2/27/2019 c20 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 20
2/27/2019 c19 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 19
2/27/2019 c18 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 18
2/27/2019 c17 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 17
2/27/2019 c16 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 16
2/27/2019 c15 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 15
2/27/2019 c14 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 14
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