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8/10/2017 c13 Guest
My heart actually hurts, that ending was beautiful
6/18/2014 c20 12SpiralAK
I thought this was really good. Some of the things I was hesitant about (Konan's feelings for Yahiko and having to see Nagato use Yahiko as the Deva Path) were addressed pretty well. And you've written a story that pretty much encapsulates why I like the Pain/Konan pairing so much.

Thanks for writing this.
9/24/2013 c13 Crazy-Bloody Mary
This made me cry! I remember the episode where Konan died and when one red paper flew all the way to their sweet home and covered Konan's card indicating that she was finally with them. I really loved this one...
3/29/2013 c19 Cardplay
Gorgeous little collection. You have such a clear voice in your writing, it really does justice to the weight of everything going on in your story (i.e. 'fighting for freedom') and I loved the torment expressed by Itachi - could he have been wrong? So moving and really well-written.
9/14/2012 c4 4x-OrigamiAngel
This was so adorable! It's exactly how I imagine their relationship to be! It couldn't have been any better. Such a good job on this one.
9/14/2012 c1 x-OrigamiAngel
This was so cute.
"I need an angel."
So adorable. They're so cute together. Well done indeed. :)
8/25/2012 c18 7Dark-heika
Somewhat surreal, which is always nice. Good work-I look forward to the next installment.
5/1/2012 c17 1Still Not Dead Yet
With there absence from the manga yours is hardly surprising, that said I glad to say that at least your back!
4/30/2012 c5 1PrincessHaleyEve
i think that Pein was born w/ the rinnegan but as soon as Madara found out about it he made sure that Pein would make it more powerful and that he could use him as a pawn in his plans
12/29/2011 c13 3MrWanted Outlaw John
Wow ... I've enjoyed all of it thus far but this one is a work of art. The last few lines were enough to nearly make me tear up.
12/4/2011 c15 1Still Not Dead Yet
While I had to fight my suspension of disbelief this was terribly amusing.

As always I look forward to your next update!
12/3/2011 c15 notherenothere
Heh, this is a completely IC account of how Nagato would probably react to having a female body. Nice job, and may I add that I totally like your utterly believable versions of Pain/Nagato and Konan? You don't downplay the whole "deadly killer shinobi who have murdered lots and lots of people", but don't play up "they care for each other" fraction bit either. And I like your take on their relationship, how Yahiko was really important but Nagato himself is just as important to Konan, and their relationship is not totally fucked up, and actually pleasant.
11/26/2011 c14 deletedaccountgone
I've seen this around but never got down to reading it until now-and I'm glad I have. Your characterization is wonderful and you don't gloss over the love triangle aspect of things by having only Nagato/Konan or Yahiko/Konan like some people do. Kudos.
11/17/2011 c14 25Jazzy Uchiha
I liked it
9/8/2011 c12 Magikbyrd
I wanna knock Yahiko in the face so bad, he comes out with piano teeth. I wish someone would give him black eyes too. Dang, I can't stand that guy. Ugh. His lips are probably crusty and I bet his skin is ashy as a cigarette.

I love Nagato. Konan needs her lights knocked out too.
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