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8/25/2014 c9 Max
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! This fic had me swooning at so many parts. LOL
Loved it!
5/20/2014 c9 FabrevansFTW
This was absolutely beautiful. :)
I find it sad that you don't write Fabrevans fics anymore (I am basing this observation purely on the update dates of your fics here, I could be wrong), but I'm very grateful for every chapter and fanfic that you've shared here with us.
Thank you sooo much for sharing your awesome gift of writing with us Fabrevans fans. We are lucky. :)
Should you ever get back into writing fanfics again, I'm hoping Fabrevans would give you inspiration too. :)
4/1/2014 c1 Guest
Is it okay if i create a game based on your story? Im asking for permition cause i dont wanna involve in any copy right. Im still unsure if i am going to make it to a game. I'm just asking u first if thats okay. disturbusdevil
8/27/2013 c9 Maddie
Amazing! Please upload soon!
1/25/2012 c9 VoteFabray4PromQueen
ooh soo cute! :D write more amazing fabrevans fics soon!
7/23/2011 c9 Guest
This was really good but yeah, kind of rushed. I wish it was longer and I sincerely hope you make a sequel. ;D
7/17/2011 c9 Brittney.55
awh such a cute chapter! i love this story so glad to see it updated :)
7/17/2011 c9 3quam314159
Really good! Please make more!:)

Also post up the new Sam/Quinn chapters you have! I am sure that many people and I would love to read them!
7/17/2011 c9 2atlightspeed
Aww this was such a great story, i'm sad to see it go, but i hope you can upload your next story soon. You're such a great writer.
7/17/2011 c9 20202020202002020
Wow, possibly my favourite ever chapter of this fic! I especially loved the last line, it was beautiful and dramatic. God bless Rachel Berry!
7/16/2011 c9 Melanie
That was sooooo good! Please please keep writing this story and post ur new one! Please! : )
7/16/2011 c9 RJRRAA

Sad to see it end :(

Very AMAZING story and I wish you would have written more.
7/16/2011 c9 12Readingtoomuch
I loved the ending! Please post anything you have ASAP
7/4/2011 c8 missy
This is a really great fic. I absolutely love it.

But in this chapter, Sam was being a hypocrite. By him reading the e-mails Quinn sends to Ryan, he's invading her privacy. And honesty goes both ways or no way. He should've told her about his secret job and the fact that he has to take Rachel to the gala. Its sad cause now Quinn's gonna get hurt.

Sam's my favourite character in all of glee. He's the only reason I watched the show in the first place. If he isn't in the next season, I'm not watching.
7/4/2011 c8 ilovebubble
Sad. Sad, but sill good.
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