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for A Lion's Tale

5/11/2020 c12 Warwolf192
8/16/2019 c1 Sydney
Timon met his wife, Kesia, whose name means “earth bound” when they were children.
Timon had a huge crush on her, but never had the courage to tell her that. He got her gifts and would compliment her all the time.
3/21/2016 c2 Guest
Just because the title of the film is the Lion King, it doesn't mean that lion and king have capital letters, the film title have caps because it is a name of something
11/29/2011 c12 6The Dark Lynx
Amazing story! I didint want it to end, I loved the twist in the last chapter but I feel that It could have Bren more detailed. Other than that, I loved it!
7/8/2011 c12 The Bluest Sun
It was very well written not a lot of grammar mistakes and a good ending but just short. I understand though so do whatever u need to!
7/7/2011 c12 Simba and Nala forever
7/7/2011 c12 5
This is like the star trek the cage it was all a dream or an alusion. oh well it was an intreasting short read. ih oped it would been more fun to see what happend. oh weel I understand good. luck.
6/19/2011 c12 elisabeth
when do u think u'll start writing this story again?
6/18/2011 c12 mariela
whaatt?... =(

ohh geez

are you gonna to take a lot of time?... =O
6/18/2011 c1 2prionsa
I really really like this :P chappie one got me hooked, I'm very impressed :D keep it up ;)
6/18/2011 c12 1Jimmy8492
Whichever method releases the best stories is probably the best.
6/18/2011 c12 1chaosblast321
Well I think ya should continue at ya own pace, bit if ya need help let me know,...
6/13/2011 c11 mariela
awwww... I love this Story!

I can´t wait till the next chapter...please write more!

5/26/2011 c11 1Jimmy8492
Ah, foreshadowing. Nice approach.
5/25/2011 c11 TaylorTLKfan95
Short and sweet, great chapter! Update soon!
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