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1/4/2012 c9 DamionKenley117
Rawr! Need moar!

Seriously though. Very good. I'm not sure if the sites being screwy or if your really updated nine chapters in a month then let it drop for seven.

But I enjoy a lot of this. I can't wait to see if you'll bring Ichigo in. All I imagine it'll take is one person mentioning he has English studies as a class and they'll reinstate him faster than Tensa Zangetsu can blink.
1/3/2012 c1 DamionKenley117
Good Effing Lord, YES! I had an idea for EXACTLY this sort of thing. Only I used many many more afterlife in it. Basically by culture. There was a big issue with the North American region what with a relatively small numbers or souls that migrated over from Europe interacting with millenia of the natives. And the natives were a little pissy about all the bad bad things the colonization did to them.
12/21/2011 c9 Soma Taozi
Hi there! :)

This story is very good and I would normally put a much more in-depth reviews of the chapters I have read...BUT, the problem is that you are busy finishing writing the Reclamation War (which makes sense, since that should take priority over everything else), but with the Bleach Fullbring Arc almost at its end (I think), the fact that Kubo has tied almost everything up nicely, and that Ichigo, in the Fullbring arc, has new powers that are god damn amazing and awesome...I find your story...lets say a little off-putting in the fact that I may not be able to get into it too much, especially since Kubo's story keeps getting better and better.

I guess I wouldn't want to see Ichigo's old powers when he just got new ones. And I think that at the start of your story, Ichigo just suddenly has all his powers back...with no real explanation (yet), except that he trained with Urahara...I find that hard to swallow. For one, it makes it seem like Ichigo throwing his powers away against Aizen wasn't a big deal...since he could just GET them back almost immediately. Not only that but Ichigo wondering if he did the right thing, his unhappiness with losing his powers, and the fact that even though he got what he wanted (he is a normal human now) he is so unsatisfied with the world he lived in, was one of the most interesting things that happened at the start of the arc.

Also by skipping over his training, we lose out on a lot of learning about Ichigo's character now that he defeated Aizen. When he trains and learns new things, we as a reader, would learn things about Ichigo. How he felt in hindsight of all that happened to him in the Winter Wars, how all his battles effected him and so forth. I appreciate you getting to the point, but I feel like you cheated out a lot of your readers by rushing into the more battely stuff with OC's that (sorry) seem to be more or less the same kind of people from your Gundam Seed trilogy.

Yes, your story is well written, but I think from the randomness of this being posted, to your lack of updates now...I feel like you rushed into this story. Also with the Fullbring arc coming to a close and Ichigo being changed and how the SS characters have all changed into (even more) awesome fighters. I personally think a majority of your new audience is going to feel isolated. And I am sure you know that not all your reviewers are going to follow you as you enter a genre that is very different from Gundam.

All I am saying is that when you finish the Golden Age...you may want to take a step back with this story. Look at the Bleach ongoing canon, and really think about where you want to go in this and what you may want to skip over. Unlike Seed, who's canon rested for a few years as you started Chaotic Cosmos, Bleach's story is ongoing...and it is just my personal opinion that this story, although good, is going to feel VERY behind the times by the time you finish RCW and get back to the Vandire Conspiracy.
7/13/2011 c9 20OedonWrithe
OMG I love this story soooo much... It's so well written and the characters are very believable.

I checked out this story because of a Bleach RP forum where you posted Mal as a character, and I thought he seemed like an interesting character. So I start reading, slightly disappointed that it's rated T) and as I continued through the A/N chapter, that disappointment began to disappear. I started thinking "I may really like this author," because for once SOMEONE knows how to rate their stories. :D

The gore, oh the gore... gore makes me happy... I almost never see gore like that on this site! That was what really kept me reading. And then when the small army from the Imperium arrived, I loved how you added their views on what Seireitei was like compared to their home.

And I like the fey. The goats! The goats! I laughed sooo hard...

It seems to me like this Vandire guy is the parallel to an Arrancar or a Vizard, but probably more Arrancar, because with Mal and the other guy (The one that fought Zaraki), with their Daemon traits they seem like an equivalent to Vizards.

I love what you have going on between Mal and Soi Fon,(And I gotta admit, I laughed when she got that note...) and the battle was extremely awesome (Lol Soi Fon almost got PWNed).

I can't wait for the next chapter (Although, I checked out your page and WOW 1,000,000+ words in a single story! That's part of a series! O.O To bad I'm not familiar with the fandom or I'd be all over it!)
5/1/2011 c9 Archangel2385
Soi Fon is screwed; that is all.

Firstly, one does have to feel almost bad for the SMG forces, considering they were up against a foe they couldn’t hope to defeat . . . and Soi Fon probably won’t care AT ALL. It was also interesting seeing another spy’s perspective of the 2nd Squad, and frankly, I do have to agree with Mal’s assessment, particularly the whole black uniform tidbit, I’m mean honestly, much of SS is as BRIGHT as you can be, and seeing as how people are generally very sight-dependent, one does have to wonder why they insist on such blatantly obvious costumes, especially in the midst of daylight recon. I could ALMOST understand if it was at night (even though dark blue is a better “stealth” color in darkness), but seriously, you do have to wonder why Soi Fon hasn’t changed things. Interestingly, Soi Fon reminds me very much of Yamamato, in that as your “character development” topic in the forums indicated, she seems like the type that once set in her ways, just won’t change (like a freakin’ slab of QC, lol).

Fortunately, we know that not to be the case ^_^. I can definitely see Mal developing some decent feelings for him, particularly when she’s, more-or-less, his “equal”, at least in terms of brute power. That said, I was very impressive with what I saw of Mal, as Mercurius’ shifting form sure did prove to be quite the formidable weapon. That said, shunko just utterly embarrassed Mal; he’s definitely gonna need to up his game if he expects to take her in a fight. Then again, given that Soi Fon’s bankai SUCKS (at least IMHO), not to mention Mal still has Transcendence and probably his Asmodian powers to fall back on, maybe not.

All that said, I’m calling it now . . . Soi Fon will get destroyed by Mal in a game of seduction, and frankly, I have to say her choice of strategy is probably the stupidest path imaginable, though still expected, given her hubris. Thing is, Soi Fon is, for all intents & purposes, a GIRL (at least emotionally). Seeing as how she’s never even LIKED anyone . . . EVER . . . I don’t think she’ll be ready to handle all the crazy, conflicting, and confusing emotions that come with actually liking (Maderfole-forbid, LOVING) someone. When attempting to seduce an enemy, one must be VERY emotionally centered, and despite her demeanor, I doubt Soi Fon is. Mal, on the other hand, appears far more experienced with relationships & feelings in general; he will know how to (better) handle his mission with his mounting feelings, whereas Soi Fon probably won’t. Seriously, if I were to attempt to use a Bleach character to seduce someone, I’d go for one like Matsumato or Yoruichi, but Soi Fon, SIKE. She’s not ready for this type of mission, and her pitiful inexperience in love with probably be ridiculously easy for Mal to take care of. Their first fight shows just how easily Mal can’t get her off-balance & how hard it is for her to recover her poise.

And yet, despite the dismal chances of her success, I can’t help but greatly anticipate this development, if only because of what it means for Soi Fon. I mean, we’re actually going to see Soi Fon GROW UP and mature as a woman, because let’s be real, it’s hard to think of her as a woman as she is right now; she’s frankly nothing more than a slightly older Toshuiro IMHO, but she won’t be for long, and seeing just how she changes will be awesome, as will seeing how/if anyone else can pick up the pieces afterwards ^_^.

So yeah, this chapter was pretty cool, despite the pretty obvious ending for the Soi Fon / Mal couple. If nothing else, there will surely be a lot of laughs to be had. Hope you update this AND RW soon (seriously, I’m DYING here w/o a RW update).
4/26/2011 c9 ZE terrian
Their is something that struct me while reading the forums and that is the domains of the 3 powers. We see from the obsevation of the soul society that they are not a military power. Rather thier forces stand at a poltry 15,000, not even two divisions. When look at the Imperium Animi and we have force of 500,000 thousand, a true army. Then we have the Ancestral council, now from what you have hinted in the forum Zach/Frost is trying the start a war between both Plus Domains. You have stated that "the Ancestral Council isn't a big enough military power to generate the kind of conflict he needs" In restrospective how large is the Ancestral Council, does its stucture take on a form that is liken the the soul soceity or is a little large. One should wonder why Vandire did try the Ancestral council instead of the soul soceity. Is the 3rd domain muc farther away or is it just getting their to dangerous. You will no doupt add the Ancestral council later in you story but it just makes me wonder why Zach/Frost would choose the Soul society over the Ancestral Council.

Now for something else Soul society= Asian territory, Imperium Animi= Europe and the Americas, Ancetral Council= Africa.

So who is controling "OCEANIA" Are their any sea's in the Plus domains, kind of seem echy that their oceans on earth, so they should have oceans in the Plus domain not just big swaps of land. But I do wnat to know since you just starting the story Maderfole what of the ociania area. Do you plan to add more domains as you did to the Grand Chimeras in Gundam see.
4/24/2011 c8 Archangel2385
THIS is what we’ve waited for.

Starting with Frost, his musings of how he ensnared Lilia & Claudia were very illuminating. I’m not quite surprised that Claudia “feel” much sooner, given her overall dissatisfaction with the IA, but that being said, she appears much easier to “convert” back from the darkness than Lilia, for this Lilia appears just as insane as RW Lilia in that once you change her opinion & she convinces herself of the “rightness” of her actions, they is literally NOTHING that can be done to sway her . . . or perhaps I should say, nothing that wouldn’t take years & years of effort, effort that likely won’t be expended for a traitor to the crown. That said, again, I am frankly confounded by how she can basically accept & move on from Vandire’s deplorable actions in that little shinigami town, but yet the Empire is apparently this great evil that just MUST be stopped. If she can point to more than one incident in which the King decreed others must die JUST for his amusement, she might have a leg to stand on, but she can’t. Yet she sides with man that is dang near chaos personified, and worse, she doesn’t even know WHAT his plan for “peace” or the future is. Nice.

Frost trashing Ikkaku was expected, but what wasn’t was the subtle indication of concern given by Ikkaku for “Kyo”. I mean, here we have the 11th squad, easily THE most bloodthirsty & rambunctious division imaginable, and Ikkaku is pretty dang high up in said division. Given their personalities, the last thing one would expect would be for division members to show much concern for each other, especially considering their survival-of-the-fittest mentality. So to see Ikkaku worrying enough that he’d actually first order, & then physically incapacitate “Kyo” was actually kinda . . . nice, I guess you could say. Shows that division is not just a pack of savages, but they do, on some level, kinda care for each other.

Part of me did kinda wish that Vandire & Kenpachi could square off, but clearly it’s way too soon for that, and besides, we got a HIGHLY entertaining bout in Kenpachi vs. Vlad. Yes, THAT is what we have been waiting for, and that battle didn’t disappointed. Like the characters, we as readers KNEW this account was inevitable, consequences be danged, and as the first EPIC fight of the arc, I think I’ll probably look back on this fight with the same fondness I do the “prison break” chapter for CC ^_^. Something sly you did that I also really appreciated was your depiction of Kenpachi’s speed. Numerous individuals have this impression that Kenpachi is slow, despite the glaring evidence to the contrary. I mean, the man has yet to exhibit shunpo, so one would logically assume him to be slow, and yet, he’s beaten what, like 3 shunpo-capable CAPTAIN-class shinigami (his successor, Konamaru, and Tousen), so clearly he’s not as slow as he often appears. That he can keep up with Vlad even after Transcendence speaks volumes of just how fast he can get when sufficiently motivated, so yeah, awesome stuff there, as was the return of “Kendopachi”; that final sword strike was AWESOME, and the level of detail conveyed really sold the scene.

Of course, we knew this wouldn’t be a fight to the finish, but again, that’s ok. Heck, now I’m more interested in a hypothetical 2-on-1 against Ichigo; ahh, the lulz that would commence ^_^. That said, always cool to see Lacus or Retsu lay down the law, and both of them grudgingly back down. Still, I do have to agree with Vlad & Kenpachi, this incident IS being blown WAY out of proportion, and the fact that neither fighter wants to “press charges” or whine/complain about it, says a lot as well. It also served a very important intelligence-gathering purpose, if unintentionally. Now both sides have some relative idea of what they stand to face if this situation degenerates to open conflict between the two sides. And while each side does have some major trumps they could use, both sides now know that direct confrontation would not go well for either. For the IA Crusaders, it would be the end of their journey to capture Vandire, whether it be through extermination, inability to make it back home, or Vandire swooping in after the fight to pick them off the survivors. For SS, they simply CAN’T afford another real “Winter War” or even a “fake” one for that matter. I definitely think if they called in reinforcements, such as the Urahara gang, Ichigo’s gang, or any possible Arrancar survivors in HM, sure, they could definitely, if easily prevail, but only if said reinforcements were already present once the battle commences, which they won’t be. Yeah, that battle served a valuable purpose, every bit as important as the negotiations between Lacus & the senior captains; I just hope those in charge can actually see this.

But yeah, awesome chapter that provided a long-awaited fight, can’t wait for the update, for this, AND RW (what, can’t make you think we’ve forgotten about it, can we, lol).
4/24/2011 c7 Archangel2385
The beginning with Rukia & Ichigo was pretty nice. Truth be told, neither has ever been one of my favorite characters, but I’ve really enjoyed how they’ve been presented here. It was nice stepping away, if only for a moment, from the events occurring in SS, though it DOES beg the question of when Ichigo (or at least the Urahara gang) are going to be notified and/or get involved. In fact, it’s almost kinda strange that Kisuke HASN’T shown up sooner, if only to assist in making a translation device. Then there’s also Yoruichi to consider; IIRC she actually spends quite a bit of time travelling the human world and though the extent of her journeys hasn’t ever been expounded upon, it did seem implied that she’d been gone awhile before she (re)appeared in canon Bleach . . . makes me wonder whether she picked up other languages, such as English, or maybe journeyed to Africa (which would be very helpful if/when the African Soul Kingdom gets involved).

It was nice to see Lacus & Joushiro hitting it off so well, which is not surprising in the least, given their personalities. Actually, Joushiro befriending Lacus is far more advantageous for SS than Shunsui, if only because Lacus is already somewhat wary of the latter, while she’s already somewhat let down her guard against former, enough to share some very personal information, as well as be pissed as hell that she had to lie to him due to Mal’s antics. I can’t wait for when she gathers all the Crusaders around; ah, the heavens will tremble with her wrath when she lays down the law, lol, particularly if her unconscious / reflexive reaction to Bade was any indication. I’m surprised she openly chastised Bade though RIGHT in front of Joushiro; is that merely because his “Crusader” comprehension is not as advanced as his English comprehension, because Lacus pretty blatantly suggests something’s up with the “goats”?

I also wonder if the similarities between Alyster & Toushiro’s “life-cycles” will come out. As I recall, isn’t Toushiro also one of these “immortal” souls that just keeps reincarnating over & over again in roughly the same (or at least a similar) form?

Speaking of Captain Hitsugaya, poor guy. Bad enough having to deal with Rangiku, but now Momo as well? Yikes, I almost feel sad for the guy, lol. That said, I really am having a hard time reading these Fey, which is perhaps a testament to their spy skills. I mean, on the SURFACE of things, they all seem like pretty cool/decent people, and their attempts at putting their targets at ease are exemplary. And yet at the same time, you really can’t tell how they REALLY feel about what they are doing or who they are interacting with. Do they notice or care about the kindness shown to them at all, or is it all just a game, a weakness they are willingly exploiting. Is it all just a mission to them or do they actually think SS & its people are a decent enough sort, perhaps a bit naïve & all, but decent all the same. Beyond all that, each Fey has had a noticeably different encounter; will they all have the same opinions on SS when they report back, or will their feelings run the gamut? It’s obvious what Flaya will likely feel . . .

And Roya for that matter. Truly, there is no division WORSE to be introduced to when you are “new” / “unknown” species than the 12th. That said, the pursuit of Roya did sound rather comical, the type of thing that many laughs would be had if this were ever animated. Naturally, Nemu was a totally different challenge, and I’d be freaked out too if she were coming after me. Something that’s always unnerved me about her is how she’s so . . . DEAD, emotionally. I don’t know, it’s just a lot scarier when a freakin’ ROBOT (emotionally, that is) is coming after you than a normal person, because you know the robot won’t ever quit, won’t seemingly get tired, won’t get frustrated, won’t be satisfied with anything less than your capture / destruction. Like I said, scary stuff, so yeah, I can definitely appreciate how Roya felt. I do doubt though that Unohana would fall or even fail to cure the disease, especially when it’s essentially just an unknown (mid-level) kido-like spell . . .

Soi Fon really has a lot to learn IMHO when it comes to how to lead & arguably even INSPIRE people. Seriously, Cyprus / Kinkaid, Alkire / Vladimo, or even Yoruichi have never had to be as cold, demeaning or even threatening as she is. Granted, that will spur her subordinates on to meet her standards, but still, most of her thoughts, actions, and reactions towards others of her division just seem so . . . extreme. Some of it is definitely her personality, the other part is her relatively young age, but seriously, Yoruichi appeared to run a pretty tight ship & she sure as hell didn’t have to be as over-the-top as Soi Fon is. Yeah, I really hope Kinkaid can drop some words of wisdom that she will actually LISTEN to. I mean, OBVIOUSLY the goats are pretty dang special if one gave her, a freakin’ CAPTAIN, some problems. Yes, she didn’t go all-out or anything, but it’s a GOAT, she shouldn’t have to, yet she had issues just like everyone else. Yet she’s totally dismissive of their obviously special nature (sigh) . . . yeah, she has a lot to learn, but that’s cool, because those with more room to grow can often end up being some of the most interesting characters of all.

As for the end with Byakuya . . . all I can say is that that Fey is extraordinarily lucky to be alive. I don’t normally sympathize with Byakuya much, but what that Fey did, eating his flowers & basically intruding in his “sanctuary” of sorts, it just felt blasphemous, almost intentionally so. Bade sure as hell didn’t pull that mess at Joushiro’s compound, but this Fey didn’t seem to care at all. To be fair, this Fey didn’t have to deal directly with Lacus, but still, I can totally understand Byakuya’s reaction. Whether the Fey knew it or not, that was jacked up what it did, but it’s cool, because Byakuya’s reaction made it all worth it, where he’s like, “If I see that animal again in my garden, I WILL kill it, no questions asked, no consequences considered.” And thankfully, the Fey decidedly not to test him, though Renji is most assuredly not so lucky . . .

But yes, an amusing chapter all-around, thanks to the Fey’s antics. Let’s just hope it all doesn’t come back to bite them (or Mal) in the butt . . .
4/23/2011 c9 LordRevanMandaloreofZutara
Alright, lets start with chapter 9. Of the three recent chapters, this one was my personal favorite. Mal and Soi Fon finally start to move against each other. I have been waiting for this ever since the second chapter when Soi Fon caught a glimpse of Mal while both were investigating Vandire’s handiwork. I must say, you did not disappoint.

First the ninja vs. Mal part. To be fair to Second Division Ninjas Mal is the basic eqvilent of their captain. Plus Mal has completely unknown abilities and skills. To say that the concept of ninja=super soldiers has been taken down a couple of notches is completely unwarranted. It would be like mocking a green soldier who fails to take out a vetran Green Bretet. Furthermore I don’t remember it being said anywhere that the ninjas were super soldiers. They may have greater stealth skills then the average Shinigami, but aside from that I wouldn’t classify them as super soldiers, unless one is comparing them to regular human soldiers or perhaps low level Hollows…

Anyway, rebuttal to Asmus finished, onto the review itself. It was nice to see Mal take down the Second Division Squad. Soi Fon is a bit too bloodthirsty for my taste. Anyway the note that Mal left was priceless. I imiange it has been a while since someone was that bold with her, if ever. Now I am of two minds on how this will play out. I personally think that Mal will come out on top in any long protracted information gathering game. Since he seemed to be the one who saw the most, though to be fair Soi Fon was a bit flustered. Still I would place money on Mal. Now should that be the extent of their relationship? Sex, information gathering, hiding information, more sex? I could see it being that way for the entire story. To be fair, these are some very messed up people. Soi because she seems like she is always on the verge of killing people, her own subordinates, and Mal because he sleeps with Goat-females. Can anyone say ewww? Furthermore they are the Spymaster of their countries, and so should be able to keep this strickly professional. On the other hand, Frost and Lilia did get together in RW and you did a fabulous job of pulling that off. It would be interesting when the war starts to see them being the voice of restraint, perhaps even using their subordinates to send messages across. It would be a very interesting dynamic to work with… I will take a cautious stance here. I will hope for option two because I like MalxSoi but will expect option 1 to be the one you go with.

As for the fight it was interesting. The kiss at the end even more interesting. And then the fat man and Dain get to see it. Haha. Well that is it for now. I will get a review for 7 and 8 at a later date. I didn’t like those two as much as this.

Post Script: And not that I am not enjoying Bleach: The Vandire Conspiracy, but when are you going to wrap up Mourning and Rejoicing? Not that I am trying to pressure you, just curious. Will you turn back to that when you finish up this arc? And do you plan on bringing Ichigo and Rukia back soon? I would love to see how they react to the Crusaders. Here's hoping for a confrontation between Noah and the 12th Captain.

Oh, a thought. Since Lacus is a spiritual being, why can't she just shrink her hair? Or cut it and then pour on spiritual power to get it to regrow? I mean she is in SS now, so it shouldn't matter as much. And if the swords can grow in size, why not hair? Didn't Ichigo's hair grow when he fought Aizen? And as for Noah's power, have you thought about making Mobile Doll suits with the Armor? Since the Empire is constantly at war, perhaps he can have a way to mass produce Armor with an AI in it? Those could at the very least take on the weaker Hollows, or expand the army as they could hook up very weak Plus to them and have them fight.
4/23/2011 c9 5Asmus
With the tough guys duking it out in the previous chapter, the brain guys are coming up next. I guess the cat and mouse game has officially began.

The ninja humiliation part in the beginning was good. Nice to see the entire concept of ninja = super soldier being taken down a couple of notches. Ninjas are overrated. Though I was certain that the ninjas tailing Mal were specifically meant to be discovered, in order to lure the guy into false sense of security.

Therefore, with the decoys on both sides getting discovered fairly quickly, it will allow the other side to underestimate the others side's capabilities so that ... ugh, head hurts.

Skyfall did raise a good question. Doesn't the fact that Soi Fon and Mal expect the other to attempt to seduce them defeat the whole purpose of the pillow talk thing? Both of them expect the other to try to pump them for information, therefore it's certain that they'll be extra careful.

I think that Soi Fon is going to be the one who comes out on top. Women have always been better at art of seducing. Furthermore, I also doubt they remain together for long. Mal seems to value Soi Fon only for her body and the info he can get from her.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but Soi Fon deserves someone who doesn't give a rat's ass about her status. Someone who cares about her as a person. I think it would be a nice change for Soi Fon as well, having someone she could relax her guard around.

As for the fight itself, it was good. Of course it was nowhere near the previous one, but it doesn't mean anything. In their line of work a direct confrontation means that things have gone horribly wrong. Soi Fon and Mal are not meant to have duels with their enemies, they just stick a knife in your back and are done with it.

There's a saying "If the fight's fair, you messed up somewhere." In my opinion this could serve as a motto both for Soi Fon and for Mal.
4/23/2011 c9 4Skyfall v2.0
So previous chapter was the brawn duking it out, and now we move to the brains clashing. I enjoyed the little stunt (and taunt) Mal played out with the grunts trying to watch him (I think it is safe to assume at this point that rank and file of the Shinigami spec ops aren't quite on par with the Imperium counterparts) - the guy will be a pretty amusing character to watch, i feel. The battle between Mal and Soi Fon was well done as well - each got to display their specific strengths, and the enhanced defenses of the Crusader armor weren't forgotten.

I am unsure about the spy side of things though ... the 'mutual seduction tactic' both seem intent on using doesn't really feel like a convincing answer either would arrive to so quickly - pillow talk is well and good, but doesn't this method of intelligence gathering pretty much require for the target to be unaware of your intentions ? With both parties not only aware of the others goals but 110% suspicious of each other, i question the conclusion that something would/could come of it. Well, will have to see how this plays out i guess.

An amusing entrance by Omaeda as usual - somehow the buffoon always pulls through in a way, but messes up in another. Capturing the goat is all well and good, but one would think he would know better than to stroll the streets in search for his captain to display the trophy - one would think they would try to keep the capture of a goat a secret, considering their "Sacred" status, rather than carry it around the city. Guess Omaeda is in for some chewing out. Again.

Unlike the Zaraki/Vlad fight this one largely went unnoticed i believe, so Lacus is unlikely to grill Mal for this, only the goats. The 'debriefing' will be fun indeed when the 4 crusader leaders gather together ... lets hope the 5th barracks don't ignite as well.

Other than that, not much to say about this chapter. Next ones should be more shinigami centric if i recall, so looking towards that - will be quite interesting seeing more in-depth thoughts and reactions from the host side regrading their guests.
4/21/2011 c5 ZE terrain
Ahhh.. How would I put this

Walking walking and walking, nothing happens go play x box 360 for an hour, okay lets go to he botom floor, wait what was that, I don't now what that was so I will turn and go the other way, Oh its block turn around ahhh were did you come from run run run, blyme zombie ants theirs Jam coming out of the walls.

This is getting better and better
4/21/2011 c4 ZE terrain
At last the imperial empire has made it appearence.

I can already see the diplomatics problems

Lovely politics (which I hate)
4/21/2011 c3 ZE terrain
Hmmm.. Zachary Frost has been in this area.

Though I hate evil I find it coniving that evil sometime destoryes evil. For one the soceity does not have good sanding in my book. Their central 46 is grossly arrogent to a point that watching all their misdeads in the anime and manga has made me happy that they got destoryed by Aizen.

I know central 46 has new meat, I do hope this coming war with the western power will destroy there power.
4/21/2011 c2 ZE terrain
The begining of the new, Well its considerable that Carrot and Migget would get along. But I for seen some one getting weened in the not so distant future. It problem in its self but hey its they way of family protection.

Soifon has started on the first event that will set in motion the next great war. And wars are what I like.
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