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4/3/2015 c12 37Aldrean Treu Peri
Ohh man. I have so many questions! This story is great :-)
1/27/2015 c12 shalini
Hey the plot is very interesting and it is so mean of u to leave us like this
10/19/2014 c12 2JulieMalfoyZabini
Damn it! (scowls) That's like...the biggest cliffie on the bloody planet! (pouts) But I love the chapter, just not the cliffie. I'm so curious as to what happened with Ginny and Hermione in Siberia and the whole Voldemort thing! I WANT TO KNOOOOOWWWWWW! Heh, sorry, got excited there for a moment lol. Anywho, loved the chapter and can't wait to read the next one! :D:D

Update please! :D:)

Julie :)
10/15/2014 c12 1ToDecember
It's been ages since I've been on this site but I am glad to see your still writing my favorite couple. You always did have great story lines and good characterization.
10/14/2014 c12 5Lissi45829
You little *****! That is so mean of you! I really hope you update soon again, or I am forced to search for you and make you write more! So know that I am finished with ranting... I liked the chapter but I felt like this is just a chapter to have a bridge over to the next. Well... I am looking forward to the next one!

(Sorry for the swearing. I mean no harm, but the cliffhanger is really mean! ;))
10/12/2014 c12 RemovalAcctKE
I don't usually go for short chapters in unfinished stories, but this was spectacular fun. I can't wait for more :)
10/12/2014 c12 heart.dramione
Looking forward to finding why Voldie wasn't stop! Thank for posting a new chapter!
4/22/2014 c11 BlackRose851
4/18/2014 c11 2JulieMalfoyZabini
Mmmm Sex on the Beach is so good (grin). I loved the chapter by the way! Luckily there was no cliffie too! Yet I'm mightily surprised that there isn't one (not that I'm complaining of course)! Now to wait for the next chapter :D I'm still curious about the war though, like Draco...

Update please! :D:)

Julie :)
4/17/2014 c11 5Lissi45829
I loved this chapter! I hope you update soon (*cough*not three months later*cough*)! I love this story and you are an awesome author!
4/16/2014 c11 3Devil'sSexyAngel
I love this story! I can't wait for your next update! I wanna know sooo much about all these hidden back stories! I also can't wait for the Draco/Ginny attraction to start really unfolding! Keep up the great work!
4/16/2014 c11 heart.dramione
love it.. happy to get my email alert today !
12/3/2013 c10 5Lissi45829
I defenitly want more of this story! Please update soon! I love all of your stories so far with Draco and Ginny (my favourite pair :D)! So please keep up your good work!
11/7/2013 c10 BlackRose851
10/24/2013 c10 2JulieMalfoyZabini
I love this chapter! This out of all stories would probably have to be one of my faves. But I don't think I actually have a favourite (grins). I'm now curious as to what Ginny meant when she said "Now you know why I haven't mentored yet." I still don't know why she hasn't mentored yet before Draco (frowns) Luckily there's no cliffie either! :D

Update Please! :D:)

Julie :)
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