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for If I Should Die

10/9/2015 c4 MysteryGirl
Please finish writing this story! Please update!
6/18/2013 c4 3hoigui
Um ya could you please update your yougioh story if I should die. It really is awsome.
12/11/2011 c4 Fireotaku18
I am ery very confused, this is hard to follow! But i can't wait to see whatt happens next!
12/1/2011 c4 4tashan4193
please get the next chapter up soon, I want too

find out what happens next! :D
7/14/2011 c4 shiko
great chapter to the story :D i like how you've got ryou to steal the ring though xD this will turn out really gud! only i just looked at the date when this was published and well...its july hun. This story is too gud to stop at this point ;) please continue it!

yours truly,

shiko :D
6/20/2011 c4 kate
Please put up chapter 5 soon and hurry
6/20/2011 c4 DarkAnubisAngel
tall and slim with light purple eyes? Either that is Yugi and Heba is REALLY tiny compared to Atem and Yugi, or something up... can't wait for the update ^^

6/20/2011 c4 7Servant of Time
I like your whole idea and it's coming along nicely but seto name is seto not seito. If you talking about kaiba that is if not ignore what I said.

-servant of time
6/20/2011 c4 2Angeldrkfire
This ch. had me going "Wait. What?" the whole time, but in a good way. Can't wait to read more! Oh, and no sad endings! :P
5/10/2011 c3 DarkAnubisAngel
AWESOME! Can't wait for the next chapter ^^

4/20/2011 c3 13WolvesKey
N'aww, so sad, confusing and sweet all at the same time! XD Great stoy, look forward to reading more! :D
4/19/2011 c3 211-800-SHDWRLM
I don't have any ideas, it's just so good! Please, write more!
4/15/2011 c3 24MagnusPr1m3
I want more! GRR!
4/15/2011 c3 3hoigui
This is terriably sad. I hope it has a happy ending. Please update soon.
4/15/2011 c3 37MzNightmare13
Okay so Atemu is not in the afterlife. So is Heba not real then? I mean I think Atemu would of remembered him from his memories when he went to get them before his duel with Yugi.

ALSO I think Yugi should be paired with a Atemu look a like named Yami. I mean Atemu has Heba so Yugi should have a Yami. It's your story so pair who you like, but I'm a huge fan of puzzleshipping and blindshipping and I was kind of hoping to read some in this. I also think Seto and Joey should be paired because I think they are a great and funny pairing. They are just so different and fight all the time, yet they love each other.

Lastly I never thought of Atemu as cruel. I guess I have been watching the show too many times. Atemu needs to help Heba not just because he looks like Yugi, but because Heba needs help.
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