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for Ume No Tsubasa The Wings of Fate

7/18/2011 c9 3bookwormtiff

well, glad that you're back to normal! and you finally updated!

man i feel totally useless; haven't written a single WORD or drawn ANYTHING of note in the hols. nor have i finished all my work. *fully depressed~*

ooh, make that ginran? and that blood-bomb splat message thing was SOOOOO funny in Vol 8; I remember reading it over and over again while laughing.


6/22/2011 c8 bookwormtiff
Hey Aprillup!

Wow it's been a while, but since I FINALLY finished it off at home, I have to say that I quite like this fic so far. The concept is very interesting, and I especially like the way the plot is slowly but surely developing; you've twined so many threads and questions within, giving out little hints to keep the reader guessing. Basically, it actually has a PLOT, which makes me envious (I suck at them, lol!).

On another note... ICHIRUKI! 8D sooo cute! I love them!

And finally, I just love those little mini-poems. They're amazing. (That last one was Aizen & Urahara, right? I want my prize, hehe...)

How's that for a review?

Upload that Hetalia fic soon, or face the consequences... :D

6/13/2011 c8 3thekawaiifangirl
been waiting for this chapter since forever! still loving it though ;) about that phrase though, i guess it means that people who have these great ideas, in their battles of pride others get caught into it...or something like that...i'm really bad at explaining things but i get it! XD cant wait for the next chapter!(:
5/12/2011 c6 thekawaiifangirl
OMG! this chapter was like seriously epic33 it had my favorite part in the whole series [[when ichigo gets his powers :D]] OMG OMG OMG HINAMORI IS A HOLLOW! I KNOW IT! i'm right aren't i? ;P


OMG YOU're 14? you're only 2 months older than me!

Have i ever told you how much i LOVE your stories? You're now officially my model for becoming an awesome writer like you~ ;)

cant wait until your update! ^_^
5/9/2011 c6 BessieTheNinjaCow
good job so far.
4/26/2011 c5 thekawaiifangirl
nice chapter! :) we sort of got an idea about Momo's scar... *stillwaiting* ;P ah yes, i believe this would be the time when i say, "Aizen's a Loser." ;P
4/15/2011 c4 3Sunny-Blue-Sky
what does kibou mean?

i don't much about the zanpakutos either


another nice chapter!

looking forward to the next one!
4/11/2011 c3 Sunny-Blue-Sky
yo aprilup (lol, such a funny nickname)

i've been trying to review since yesterday but there was some issue with log in

I really like your writing, like your style is so... gah no idea how to explain, pro i guess

i feel like whenever i write in 3rd person i end up with so much she's and he's

and i like the story line! but disfigured momo, T.T... so unfortunate...

die aizen!

you put so much effort into researching, like i have no idea how the kido spells go ^^"


guess who i am!
4/5/2011 c2 Time
I like your story! I hope you continue it soon :)
4/5/2011 c2 3thekawaiifangirl
i like this story already(: the prologue really puts you on edge. cant wait for your update! :)

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