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9/9/2012 c1 kim nana
waaa! really really.. hmm... corny doesnt seem right. but soo romantic 0_o uwah! aprilup-sama, you should start your own story, and make it into a romance novel or something? :P that would be awesome! ) hwiting!
from ur no. 1 fan kim nana-kun )
7/18/2011 c1 2Hiezen
please...update..are you also going to keep th sode/zangetsu pairing? please do so there very few stories for this pairing
6/25/2011 c1 3bookwormtiff
Waaaa, prettyprettypretty...

I was reading this last night while stalking your profile for that Hetalia fic, and I really like this! Especially the imagery! And the depiction of Rukia's inner world! And the IchiRuki-ness! :D

Hey, don't abandon this! It's really good!

But hey, you know how drabble collections are usually open for requests? WELL I REQUEST A TENSA ZANGETSU DRABBLE. :) Tensa, Ichi, Tensa&Ichi, I dare you to write IchiTensa!


Hehe, keep writing!

4/5/2011 c1 3thekawaiifangirl
awwh3 i like it already! cant wait for the update! ^.^

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