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9/26/2017 c32 burglover421
I love love love this story and hope it continues
6/13/2015 c32 CarvieCamfia
Update more Quick please. Want to see if they got things sorted properly xxxxx
10/18/2014 c32 wkgreen
Hmm... things are moving along. And YAY! Brittany gets to go with Santana! And Josie, who is going to be all kinds of getting in way ;)

Waiting for more :)
12/24/2013 c31 wkgreen
Yes, another chapter!

Waiting for more ;)
10/22/2013 c30 wkgreen
Well Santana, Josie got the door opened for you, now it is time to find your big words and talk Dad into letting go a little bit. :)

Waiting for more :)
10/21/2013 c30 ichigo111981
I really hope Britt dad said yes, it would be a good experience for Britt. Maybe Britt sister can come along, that might turn out to be interesting. Great update.
10/21/2013 c30 Amil 10
It is so nice to read a updare this story, great chapter hope you update soon!
7/27/2013 c29 wkgreen
Waiting for more :)
1/16/2013 c28 wkgreen
Heh, fun seeing Kurt and Blaine meeting. :)

Waiting for more :)
12/26/2012 c27 wkgreen
Umm..What? Why?

Waiting to get unconfused as story suddenly turns into a Spy Thriller! ;)
12/6/2012 c1 4Jemjo storys
i was wondering if you could make the chapters a little bit longer
12/6/2012 c26 Jemjo storys
like this story can't wait for next chapter
12/3/2012 c26 Rosetoast
Glad you're back. Good chap :)
11/3/2012 c16 ksmilez
Love this story so much I haven't stopped reading it since I found your story. Just one question TG what's that stand for?
11/3/2012 c26 wkgreen
Kewl! Looking forward to more! :)
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