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5/28/2011 c1 5Bellabun
Great story. I loved it. I thought it was an intimate look into their friendship. Jimmy and Annie's chemistry is palpable, and I think this story could have actually happened. Very well done.
4/9/2011 c1 lilly
More, more, more...chapters please...
4/9/2011 c1 mia
good job post chapter 2 soon!
4/6/2011 c1 1JJandHotch4ever96
loved the story! love those two. great job!
4/6/2011 c1 Poorcuepine
YAY! Another Chase story! Yes please yes please yes please! I am loving that you are taking the last episode and moving on with it. The end of that episode left me wondering, too. Please continue! Plus - I love your writing style! Thank you!
4/6/2011 c1 nicrom
I really like how you have started this story out. please keep writing this story...
4/6/2011 c1 joker
I can not wait for your next update ncisgirl1527. Please do an a/j sex scene really soon!
4/6/2011 c1 kellybelly
I like this story a lot. I can't wait for the next chapter though!
4/6/2011 c1 CA 125
Wonderful fanfiction! I love the way you portray Boots and Jimmy leaning on each other. Please continue soon!
4/6/2011 c1 loyla
Very cute story. I look forward to seeing whats gonna happen! I like a/j sex too.
4/6/2011 c1 mindy
Very good, may we have some more please? Also, ditto on the a/j sex...
4/6/2011 c1 kattykat
What a fantastic start... I am so excited for more chapters hopefully soon!
4/6/2011 c1 CoffeeChick
I am so happy to read this new chase story that you created. its off to a good start, please keep going w/ the a/j storyline...
4/6/2011 c1 oshaka1
Nice beginning and I like it alot already, and I am looking forward to 'implied something else.'
4/6/2011 c1 giddy
great chapter and ditto on the annie and jimmy sex! post ch 2 soon...
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