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10/27/2011 c1 11Jonny2b
I was going to put Kopa in London zoo orgianly but Brasta talked me out of it.
6/20/2011 c17 4Johanna the Sponge
This is good, but I'm still sad for Kopa and Simba and Nala. Poor Kiara might never know her brother! :(
6/2/2011 c16 Johanna the Sponge
This chapter was good, one of the bet ones yet. I was a little confuse about the Ahadi and his brother thing, but I worked it out! Keep writing! :)
5/30/2011 c1 3CarminaxBuranax
This sounds really fascinating. The first chapter intrigued me very much. Can't wait for more!

P.S. You will return the review, right? ;)
5/27/2011 c15 4Johanna the Sponge
I like this story! It's kinda weird with the humans and lions talking to each other, but it's a good story line. I don't want Kopa to leave though! He is meant to be King and Simba will be really sad! But anyways, try and update soon!
5/3/2011 c9 5SHReid
well, Timon and Raffkiki hate humans because Raffiki's homeland was burned. Right now they are going crazy, but Timon will have something happen to him that will change him back to normal in the next chapter.
4/11/2011 c3 7The Real Simba
Crazy ending to this one. Can't wait to read more! ;)
4/11/2011 c2 The Real Simba
Another intersting chapter, the morning breath part cracked me up. lol
4/11/2011 c1 The Real Simba
Nice first chapter!
4/10/2011 c3 KShara Khan
It "WAS" a good story intil you brought the two men into a was with what is most likely some nuts! aside from that and killing Rafiki in his tree it was good! Let's see how you salvage this story!
4/7/2011 c2 5SHReid
Yea. The ipod notes app makes look like it is so much bigger than it actually is. I will try to make it bigger.
4/6/2011 c2 8The Rogue Lion
This was very...blunt. You need to work on it some more. Try adding more description. And you don't add a space after a quotation mark.
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