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6/8/2017 c1 12Thorthemighty321
The end part, I can just imagine the Meta Theme playing.
7/2/2016 c6 3The Richmaster
I loved the way you wrapped this up and what each of the RvB group are up to; favourite part was probably Wash's scepticism.
7/2/2016 c5 The Richmaster
I keep thinking that this as good as a strange match-up like this is likely to get but then you keep proving me wrong; amazing work on this
7/2/2016 c4 The Richmaster
I'm really liking what you're doing with Celestia and the Meta really feels like a relevant threat here
7/2/2016 c3 The Richmaster
A lot happened this chapter with the interactions with other ponies, the fight, the revelation of Tex and Church and the aftermath, everything was just done really well; the fight especially worked better than I was expecting.
Though my favourite part would probably be Simmons' 'Rejects gotta stick together' speech.
7/2/2016 c2 The Richmaster
This was great; I particularly liked the endings
7/2/2016 c1 The Richmaster
This was a fun start; I love the way you captured the personalities so well
10/2/2015 c1 Guest
12/8/2014 c6 19Ryuus2
This...is insane. And hilarious. And Awesome. But mostly insane. And Awesome. I don't understand why people were complaining about there being too many fights and not enough interactions; the fighting was the best part!

Keep up the great work!
10/12/2014 c6 6Uneashed-Creation
I like this story and the way it had ended, would you mind if I continued the story from where you left off?
9/30/2014 c3 Anonymous
Honestly, I think the only RVB/MLP character relations here that are correct are Pinkie Pie/Caboose and Rarity/Doc.
4/23/2014 c6 Solar Auxilliary
This was the greatest Red vs Blue crossover...ever...of all time! Nice job at keeping each character in...well, character. Now I am waiting for a sequel where agent Washing tub sees agent Mane (grammar puns LOL) pull a fluffy bunny of of a hat...or see Trixie pull him out of a hat (that would be an interesting trick)
1/12/2014 c6 Vinyl Scratch3
Heh I remember this story. It's what got me into MLP... Thank you. Just thank you
8/27/2013 c6 4DreamFeathers
I'm glad that you managed to carry the story through! It has been highly entertaining reading and you have given me lots of killer laughs! So grats for that!
Hmm, what notes would I have of this story as a whole? On a technical notion, I spotted some minor typos here and there, some missing capital letters and a " in a wrong spot, but nothing big. So as a general idea for future reference, maybe give your text a read through or a beta for another set of eyes to cross the t's and dot the i's.
The style of text is very nice and firm and you manage to carry the tempo very nicely through the whole story arch so cookies for that. On an occasion I kinda wished that there woulda been... how to say it?... maybe a bit more flesh over the bones? As in used describing a bit more instead (in between action scenes) of just straight forward motion (works well in fast paced action scenes).
What will I miss? I would definitely like to read a next part for this cross-over verse! Will the RvB guys and co find their way back to their world, or will they be stuck on all fours for the rest of their lives? Nice change for a life in battle for sure, but... And would the ponies tag along and try walking on two legs? Hah, reality/universe hopping is not exact science, so they might not end back to RvB world straight away. Can you just feel Doctor Who itching to drop by :D ...
8/26/2013 c3 DreamFeathers
Right, I'm first one to admit that I've never watched Red VS Blue until today. So I've watched few episodes and the Animated for a briefing, so I got the general gist of things. Halo world is completely alien for me too since i've never played it, but i quite like it how easy you're making this story to read even if i don't know anything of the other half of the two worlds.
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