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1/13 c4 Jheril19
You don't wanna deal pneumonia... I still hate it
3/21/2019 c1 1UltimateStoryNerd
This was one of the first fanfictions I have ever read and it is by far the best. I love your writing style and I have re-read the story several times. I really enjoyed it and you never lost my interest like many other long fanfictions do. Great job!
11/29/2018 c35 pjolover
this story is soooooo goodddd, you should perhaps write a sequel :)
11/24/2018 c6 Guest
You make me cry. I am so sad. I am seriously crying, good job. WHY AM I CRYING. I NEVER CRY ABOUT BOOKS. Wait, where was I, oh yeah. You make me cry and then you rant about your computer. Do you see something wrong with this. I love this. This is so heart breaking.
8/4/2018 c1 2BooksForLife406
Is it just me or does this sound like the Ring? “You have 7 days to live...”
2/15/2018 c35 4Fualcrum Tano
well done. A bit long and repetitive though
6/2/2017 c35 Guest
' . ?

ᏞᎥᏞᎽ xx (•ᴗ•)(•ᴗ•)(•ᴗ•)(•ᴗ•)
5/27/2017 c35 That.dam.demigod
This is the best story ever!

I started this morning and I haven't put my phone down
You are an amazing author and I loved it

Lily Xxx
5/14/2017 c6 1OneAppleLeaf
woah the story is so fast oaced, but it's awesome!
And is percy; -;
Never thought it'd be this fast... and why is no one came or something? uwaa
3/25/2017 c35 vj60609
This is such a wonderful story,it is kinda heartbreaking but i like it a lot
2/20/2017 c32 PERCY
I am literally crying right now!
1/14/2017 c35 Aeris21321
really amazing! read at 3:40 AM.
1/9/2017 c35 Dan
no not the end of the story.
1/9/2017 c33 Dan
you turned Percy int a god which he didn't like and now your killing Annabeth?!
1/9/2017 c29 Dan
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