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4/11/2011 c3 12solitarycloud
Dear Indonesia,

Hi! How are you? This is the Philippines. My boss gave me some free time so I thought I'd say hi :D. Anyway, haven't seen you, or any of other of the ASEAN really, in a while so I hope you're doing well XD. It gets really lonely here, so sometimes it sucks having no neighbors :(

Bet o_O? What bet? I don't remember making any bet with PNG-chan... Hmmm... *thinking* Can you ask her again what's it about? I think I forgot...

...This is a weird favor but please take care of yourself. This is kinda late but I'd hate to see what happened to Kuya* Japan happen to anyone else I know and since we're both in the Pacific Ring of Fire there might be a possibility that something like that might happen to us too(although I hope it never happens though...)

Wait... I think my boss is calling me again. Awww... My break's over TT^TT (Grrr... I hate you, Paperwork, from the depths of my heart!) Before I go, promise you'll visit me sometime soon? We can hang out and go Karaoke! X3

With Love,

Maria de le Cruz

The Philippines

P.S. I almost forgot! I made some pastillas and yemas (filipino candies) so I sent some over. Hope you like them ^w^

*kuya= big brother or sign of respect in filipino

Random comments: I like your letters a lot but my only problem was that until now I still can't tell if Indonesia's a guy or a girl... XDDD -solitarycloud ^_^
4/9/2011 c1 4neriine
Hey there Indonesia!

Do you have something a bit easier to call you? A nickname or human name? I'm only a mere town, but you can call me Lizzy if you want!

. I get tourists from all over the world, being such a cultural hotspot. I have to admit that the Dutch don't frequent my home, and if they do they are very quiet about it. Damn them, tourists should be either loud and obnoxious or not bother coming.

^^ but even Netherlands couldn't be as annoying as Milton Keynes. O.O she's a phsyco. An actual phsyco. Who likes to break in through my windows and daub coffee all over my walls.

My family is incredibly dysfunctional. How is yours? I'm feeling like I only have...about three sane siblings out of the hundreds scattered around?

And two of them live at opposite ends of England while I'm in the middle. Good times.

So... I beat the Ring Video curse by putting it on, freaking out and running downstairs to prance about like a ninny in front of Birmingham.



Lizzy / Stratford upon Avon

P.s a challenge I am posing to every letter writer:

What is the flag of England? What is the name of the flag of the UK?

Please don't google it, it totally spoils it.

You can have a cookie if you get it right! (don't worry, I can cook much better than Daddy.)
4/9/2011 c3 15Dave19941000

That's right, it's Thailand that has a crush on her. You should have seen his face when I told him. You know that European guy, the one that has no country and thinks he's so awsome? Well you know the face that he makes when you ask him why he's awsome and he can't think of anything and goes all emo, tha was Thailand face.

I laughed so hard, oh man I wish I'd taken pictures.
4/9/2011 c2 Dave19941000
Dear Indonesia,

Thank you for turning down the music, now I can hear myself think.

Hey I was wondering, you still got the crush on Malaysia? Because I hear Brunei is going to ask her out tommorow.
4/8/2011 c1 Dave19941000
Dear Indonesia,

It's me, Papua New Guinea. I was wondering, could you please turn down that music, I'm tired of having to turn up the volume of my TV so loud that I nearly go deaf.

Or better yet, you could give me your side of New Guinea, it is rightfuly mine afterall.

Also, if you see Philippines, could you tell her I'm looking for her, she ows me for loosing a bet.

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