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for The End of the Death God

11/29/2015 c1 61Ihsan997
It's so fascinating to read someone's first fanfic - sort of like going through a time machine, or just discovering a time capsule from the 4th grade. (Your writing is far beyond that level btw, it's just an expression.)

This is a very interesting glimpse here. I didn't play during this expansion - in fact, all I played of WoW was vanilla and then for two months after WoD was launched - so all I know of Arthas was the unrepentant murderer from Warcraft 3 and its expansion, with which I am very familiar. So this is certainly a different light, but considering the fact that he truly was under the control of an evil being - the Liche King - it's realistic in the sense that he really may have regained the conscience to wish for death in the end. It's a great psychological glance at a villain about to die, since nobody really gets to tell the story of their own death.

You mentioned that your writing as improved over time, and for sure there are comments to be made regarding the quality of the prose here, but it's still above the bar for most of what's on the site. Looking forward to trying more, especially the Old Gods stories you mentioned.
1/30/2015 c1 8Missing Middle
Wow, this really brings me back to the old days of playing Warcraft 3. Excellent action scenes and dialogue!
9/27/2014 c1 117TerraZeal
Lovely, and a good AU interpretation of Arthas! If it weren't for the canon WoW afterlife showing Arthas as a suffering, rotting child in purgatory or whatever, I might think he actually wasn't the one in control of his body. If he weren't, he would have gone to the Light.

Very well written, though! I love anything with Tirion in it!
4/11/2013 c1 Anonymous
Beautifully done story. I liked it.
9/5/2012 c1 King
You. Are. Awesome.
1/29/2012 c1 16SarentoKensei
Whoa. This is amazing. I personally think Arthas is the domanint one and Ner'zhul only takes control when he finds it necissary and that Arthas is so confused (lot like the headless horseman) and thinks what he's doing is right everyone else is wrong sort of thing. His father stood in his way, he just wanted his people to look up to him, made a few mistakes and is getting back at his people for calling him a traitor.(and views them as traitors for denying there king) The Scourge become his people.

But that's just what I think, I kinda like the idea of Arthas not in control at all. How Arthas keeps wanting to kill himself, or at least tell the heros to run.
5/31/2011 c1 LaiLaiLai
I think this is a great story, even if i'm more for into the theory that it is Arthas that is in control, even if he's clouded by his power trip. I'd love to see more.
4/8/2011 c1 Phylactery
Great idea, but...it is painfully obvious that this is a first-time fanfic.

1. Lore: Sometimes people forget that the first soul claimed by Frostmourne IS Arthas Menethil; you didn't, which is great. However, you made some lore mistakes that people usually don't make. For example, the Ashbringer was forged AFTER Arthas took up Frostmourne. (Heck, I should say that the Ashbringer was forged BECAUSE Arthas took up Frostmourne)

2. Capturing the character: Sorry, man, but your Arthas is just too childish and unrefined.

3. Style: Precise numbers, exact name of spells, too-clear insight of the situation during battle...these traits are good for commented documenturies, but not necessarily for descriptive writings. Throw in more ambiguity! Think less of in-game mechanisms and try to picture a real fight of combat and magic! Also, spell out "twenty-five" instead of the numeric "25", it looks much more natural this way.

I will stop here. Great job with the atmosphere building! Looking forward to your next piece.

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