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8/10/2016 c9 Son Of Fellblood
Damn it... Dude(ette)! You could have had it so that the kid was Ichigo and Starrk's kid! Gah!
4/19/2015 c12 5LadyRiot94
Are you still taking requests?
If yes, could you do a Chad/Fem!Ichigo?
Chad is a famous male escort and finds himself falling in love with Ichigo, a young and married client, who keeps him as a private boyfriend while her much older husband is away on business.
7/13/2014 c12 16Writer's-411
You have quite the fun collection here. :) Keep up the good writing.
4/21/2014 c1 7NamikazeMia

-after regaining her powers ichigo despite going to Soul society to bring back ginjo's body is still upset because all of them knew about the shinigammi substitute badge and were monitoring her. in the real world ishida notices ichigo being upset ( he remembers how she looked when she fought ginjo and discovered the truth) despite trying not to show it and (they had become closer in the time she lost her powers) conforts her
3/11/2014 c10 Guest
Please add more to ch 10 want more please
2/14/2014 c12 TopazDove
U should do Fem!Ichi x Toshiro. Also Fem!Ichi (as Aizen's daughter, Bleach AU) x Fem!Ulqui
12/25/2012 c11 1Solvent Harp37
Oh, I absolutely loved chapter 11! I'm an IchiGrimm fan and it's SO hard to find good lemons. Wish there were more IchiGrimm chapters!
12/2/2012 c2 Eve L. Kitty
I'd like to see what would happen if Ichigo ever came back
10/12/2012 c1 4panthera master
the worlds need more uke Grimm! XD
can i request?
um, please make UlquiGrimm! yaoi, with smut and lot of action . plot: aizen have a pet breeding farm or something that sold Hybrid (meaning human with animals characteristics), Ulqui (being the lonely emo he was) want an eternal slave for himself (insert Grimm here...and you got the story) b
9/12/2012 c2 7NamikazeMia
8/30/2012 c10 Linda92
I've never read anything so beautiful this is the best fanfic I've ever read omg thank you
8/1/2012 c2 Kitty
This was great! I think you should make more out of it! _
7/12/2012 c12 1RedSnow4
I love these one-shots so much! the best iv read! :)
5/20/2012 c12 10Angels and Crows
Do a vampireGrimm/HumanIchi! Where Ichi has very rare and yummy blood that no one else has and so all the vampy's want him but when Grimmy smells him he finds out Ichi's supposed to be his mate. Then Grimm has to find a way to protect Ichi from all teh nasty Vamps until his next birthday, when he's old enough to take a mate. Of course there will also be some oh I don't know, kidnapping from Azein! XD l
1/11/2012 c12 1The Fox Knight
could you make a Renji x femichi eventually?
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