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for Baby, You're Not Alone

10/3/2019 c27 szauke24
This was such a good story. im sad its over. i literally read the entire thing in one day. once i started reading it i couldn't stop
12/2/2018 c26 20TVHollywoodDiva
loved it
6/6/2018 c20 9LindsaylovesPacey
I think the song you wrote is terrific! This fic is really good too!
11/21/2016 c2 ceberle
11/21/2016 c1 2Gabby-Hunter
Yeah any later she'd probably have to be tested for pregnancy
6/17/2016 c6 Gabby-Hunter
Oh lord
Finn make up your mind one or the other its getting old
5/29/2016 c19 Gabby-Hunter
Finn is doomed
5/29/2016 c16 Gabby-Hunter
I am really starting to think Finn had something to do with the rape... but I really hope not
5/29/2016 c14 Gabby-Hunter
Or it might backfire causing him to get her when their guard is down and finish what he started
5/29/2016 c11 Gabby-Hunter
She was getting better but Finn just had to be a idiot
5/29/2016 c9 Gabby-Hunter
Did Finn have something to do with the rape?
5/29/2016 c8 Gabby-Hunter
That is how Brittany is so smart.
Sometimes I think Finn might be bipolar
3/20/2016 c27 Guest
Oh my God this was soo good. I know it's been years and you probably don't look here anymore but I wanted to tell you that you are talented. And as a rape victim myself this story was very touching, I just wish someone was there to save me. Anyways thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.
12/28/2015 c27 1chloecjcvlp
9/24/2015 c25 dena.gruver
I tiered up a few times it was a wonderful story
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