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4/9/2011 c1 1lolyncut
I'm beginning to think Reid and Emily had more going on than just friendship. He seems way too emotional. Just hope Reid doesn't do something stupid.

Your assessment of Hotch is right on. He has to feel he's betraying his team. Please add on as the season comes to an end.
4/9/2011 c1 66LoveforPenandDerek
well done
4/9/2011 c1 76canny-bairn
I loved this especially the friendship between JJ and Hotch :)
4/9/2011 c1 HGRHfan35
good little snippet in to Hotch's thoughts.

The Hotch/JJ pairing felt confusing because it was not a pairing perse but yes, this episode was a good old fashioned one.

I loved it where Hotch went inside Sir Burger keeping the mics open so that the team could hear, that what he was saying to the grieving UnSub, was also meant for them.

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