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6/14/2012 c7 stop whining
It's about time they did another clean up of this site. They went through in the early 90s and got rid of all the smut.

If you want to write smut, post it elsewhere and point to it in your profile.

THIS site should be safe for children, which means, NO SEX.
4/10/2011 c1 7Lori de Bartoni
I think is a little cliche but it's always nice to read stories like this, since is your first story here's some tips:

You don't need to write regular pov for a description paragraph nor Hiro pov or Shuichi pov, just write like a regular story:

"Hey Shuichi" Said Hiro, while he was sitting on his chair.

Hahaha something like that, it's less stressful to read it like this than so many changes of pov and it gives the reader the feeling of a more complete scenario not only the words they are saying.

For a full pov, not just what they are saying works better to understand how the character is feeling, for example if anything where to happen to Shuichi, Hiro might be worried, so a full descrpition of his feelings in his pov may be a nice way to go.

Mind the paragraphs, the last part was a little bit to sticked together.

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