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for I Will Become a Ghost

6/8 c1 Guest
you need a tag on weather or not this is gay or not.
6/8 c31 Mikeblade
sort of dumb using the but we where kids excuse when at that same age they where killing people already.
6/8 c10 Mikeblade
seems to me it's backwards ghost and itachi did not do anything last time but defend them selves when attacked if anything the leaf caused the problems last time.
6/8 c9 Mikeblade
if i was them and the leaf wanted to ally i would tell them to fuck off because they already proved they can't be trusted.
6/8 c8 Mikeblade
lol they don't betray each other hello remember the snake dude he betrayed them so that statement is false.
6/6 c44 The Zelos Wilder
This is quite a good story, as unhappy as I was with Kurama dying in the early chapters. The Suna chapters were completely immersive and totally sad. I’ll never forget those chapters and the AOT level of despair I felt during the last few moments. That’s something to truly pay yourself on the back for, as a writer you were able to actually impact how the reader felt at certain points. Besides Naruto, I think Itachi is my favorite in this fic. Deidara also shocked me heavily, no C4 action:( I really look forward to the next update!
6/3 c44 1Nithi velu
It was fun to see young Naruto in the flashback sequence. Not much in the chapter but excited for the upcoming updates.
5/24 c10 15chovitap
ayy pero que idiotasss..quién más puede parecerse a minato? really?
5/22 c43 prydain
What a wonderful fanfiction. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Keep up the fantastic work! Kudos! You are an amazing writer!
5/15 c43 StrikerTheFallen
shiiiiiit I can't even begin to imagine how this talk with the Shinigami began. idk where this fic is going to end but unless a actual miracle happens, this looks like fic with no happy ending. though I'm curious now shinigami is actual thing now in this fic. so I'm wondering if it's at all possible for naruto to somehow summon Kami. if shinigami represents death then surely a Kami should exist to represent life if Kami does exist it can't sit idle as I'm sure it needs to know what shinigami is up to and is against this. so maybe in the same way shinigami blessed/cursed kenpachi with this terrible power and the ability to spread it, hopefully Kami will choose Naruto as its champion.
5/14 c43 Faisal Khalid
Dayumm I wanna know what they talk about
5/14 c43 Stalker1
Good chapter
5/13 c43 1Nithi velu
So I think the conversation between Naruto and Shinigami will be a suspense for too long. A good chapter though. I wonder why Naruto was not angry towards Minato for sealing nine tails within him where he had the opportunity to seal entire nine tails chakra within him, but made him a sacrifice a weapon for Konoha to maintain the balance of power between the nations.
Hope you update soon...
4/29 c42 danilek12
Love the chapter. Waiting for more. I really like that you decided at this moment that paring Naruto/Micheru makes more sense. Naruto/Hinata i feel wouldn't work right now. It is still too much bad blood between him and Konoha. The friendship between Naruto and Kisame is art of work. Good job mate.
4/28 c42 Nithi velu
Good chapter. One thing is characters like pein, Itachi and some other characters are missing for too long. I hope you will give them some time in upcoming chapters...
Hope you update soon...
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