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for I Will Become a Ghost

9/11 c62 Guest
Nice one but update within a week or two.
9/5 c61 Guest
Next one
9/7 c62 1Nithi velu
Good chapter.
I wonder if this another version of reanimated jutsu that Kenpachi used.
9/6 c62 Roswelll
whos that mannnnnn?!
9/6 c62 1Gamesdean1
OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST REVIVE WHO I THINK YOU DID. bro Naruto already in to much pain as it is. also fuck Orochimaru he a bitch. please kill him off in the most painful way imaginable.
9/6 c62 4The-Tobi
Damn. This chapter was epic. At this point I whole heartedly think Naruto is gonna die and its not gonna be a pretty death. I wonder who Naruto's looking at. Kurama reincarnated or some bigger threat? Also I haven't read the last chapter but Naruto should still have the Rinnegan which means he can create a metal arm for himself and use healing.

Although I'd wager he lost it because it'd be really cheap to not have him use the Rinnegan here.
9/5 c61 KingYamYam
I don't know how to feel about Orochimaru. He doesn't care if the world is destroyed as long as konoha is destroyed. Kinda doesn't make sense, wasn't his whole goal to learn and master every single justu and technique?
8/8 c61 Guest
Nect one
8/6 c19 soulgamer109
8/3 c61 Kingkong101
Still sucks do to naruto still being a bitch to konoha and everyone.
8/2 c1 Neoacoya1
Well, here's some constructive criticism...
- Sakura's hatred is pretty inconsistent with her character development up to the Sasuke Defection Arc. (I'm assuming it's canon since it's not covered.) I could understand her being upset that Sasuke is returned in a battered condition, but to show NO gratitude after begging Naruto for help seems a little much.
- They would never seal Naruto on the word of some traitor.
- Even if they did, they wouldn't seal him as that be a waste of a jinchuriki. If anything, they'd try to transfer the Kyuubi to someone else or put Naruto under Danzo for conditioning. (Although, these could be the "drastic approaches" that they aren't taking, but that doesn't make this idea better.)
- Even if they did, they wouldn't tell him and then give him a day to escape.
- It would have been better if Naruto had overheard these plans or if he had to use the Kyuubi's power to escape the village. This execution leaves much to be desired.
7/31 c61 Roswelll
7/31 c61 1Gamesdean1
BRO WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT? this fight was crazy and how you brought Orochimaru in is even more so. well done I've been wondering about him for a while now. but in all honesty I cant see anyway for them to win against Kenpachi but I know you have some crazy way abt how they'll pull it off and i cant wait to read it.
7/30 c61 1Nithi velu
Good time goes on I wonder how could they defeat him, since they are still no match for Kenpachi.
7/30 c61 madmax79
mannn imma need you to finish this story man
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