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for Agent Afloat: The Music Series

3/22/2017 c21 Lee1234
Please update when you can need to know what happens next great story
5/18/2016 c6 7ThePeachyMonkey
I just wanna give Tony a big hug!
5/18/2016 c5 ThePeachyMonkey
WOw...Vance is just terrible! Reminds me of how I felt about him when he first came on the show. Poor Tony. :(
5/18/2016 c4 ThePeachyMonkey
Very sweet how Gibbs is sharing his past with Tony. It shows just how much they mean to each other. _
5/18/2016 c3 ThePeachyMonkey
Aww...poor Tony really does need the reassurance now. I'm glad that Gibbs understands this.
5/18/2016 c2 ThePeachyMonkey
My heart broke for Tony reading this. You captured what he was feeling in the aftermath of Jenny's death very well!

And of course, I loved the sweet and sexy Tibbs moments as well. Very hot/touching!
5/18/2016 c1 ThePeachyMonkey
So far, I'm loving your take on things! And how great that they are married! I'm looking forward to reading more of this! (I'll be good about reviewing, too. ;) )
10/17/2015 c21 3jenn008
Update soon!
1/18/2013 c21 lizzievee
Great series. Is there a missing chapter? Would love to see what happens to Kort and Vance. Love the sex and vulnerability with both tony and Jethro. And Shannon and kelly was a great part of story too, though tony didn't tell jethro about it. Lots unfinished.
7/23/2011 c21 19smiles2go
Well that was smoking hot. Tony is such a horny thing...that bed, not to mention Tony and Gibbs, have got to be a sticky mess. Why is Kort still wandering around? Why hasn't Ziva found him yet?
7/20/2011 c21 Alisa123
another GOOD...but, GOD, i will be soooooooooooooooo DAMN glad when vance and kort FINALLY get theirs...especially vance...i'm getting SICK of him thinking he's better then everyone else.

keep it coming.

7/19/2011 c21 cant fix stupid
Great chapter! That sex scene was hot :)
6/29/2011 c20 Maydin
Hi :)

Love this story. Please more as soon as you can. Thank you.

May :D
6/21/2011 c20 Julie250
Thanks for another great chapter, more...more...more...please. Julie xx
6/20/2011 c20 smiles2go
Why are there so many people around who are willing to kill Tony? He's so sweet and lovable. Kort is no match for the ninja chick. Please update soon.
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