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2/7 c1 Guest
Holy shit
10/12/2012 c1 3ShadowCat98
D:...NOOOO! The Dictator Dick corrupted past/present Warden! *I like the regular Warden better, much better, but I'm starting to semi-like Future Warden* This was excellant despite that...:P
7/27/2012 c1 babadaboopie
After the time police part 2 I was saddened by the fact we wouldn't get to see the future warden again.

What you propose is a way to recreate that future with a paradox thrown in.

Great idea. Would really like to see another chapter as part of the Past wardens 'trial by fire'.
6/2/2011 c1 aria
Oooh; deliciously dark, I love it! A very gritty tone, too, and a wonderfully gripping finale that leaves me clamoring for more!
5/31/2011 c1 theweirdone20
Awesome dude! This fic is crazy good :D
5/18/2011 c1 160.lumia.0
this was awesome! loved every word of it!
4/18/2011 c1 Guest
Concept was amazing, and you definately pulled it off wonderfully.
4/16/2011 c1 2fuzzums4life

I love this! it's so...I don't even know honestly but it's awesome!


~btw, don't I know u from somewhere? are u on devianart? :/

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