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3/22 c21 ash
I've just finished this fic up to date over the space of one day, and I just want to say that I really enjoyed whst you've written, it was a great read! :)
2/15 c21 Arya the Killer
Please continue. I like it already!
2/13 c21 WillowMayStone
This is quite fantastic.
And really well written, as far as I can tell. I am not a native speaker, but I always enjoy learning new works and phrases. So what would be better than reading fantastic fan fictions from which you can also learn something.
So I really really really have to thank you for writing this.
The idea is amazing and your portrait of the characters is fantastic as well.
I am so glad you updated after years (even though I just found this yesterday) and hope you are now going to update frequently.
1/25 c21 Guest
I am so happy you updated! Honestly, I had completely abandoned any hope of you picking this up again. I really do hope you'll continue. Just a little helpfule critique, this last chapter definitely had a lot of continuity gaps in timeline from the previous chapters (Ron/Hermione should have come to visit once Harry got home from his aunts, it was a Friday so there should have been a whole weekend before school, not the next day, your order of meals, Harry supposedly doing school work when previously you said he wasn't doing school, his next chemo should have been within a few days of the aunt visit, not two weeks, unless you meant to skip ahead a month or two, in which case I would recommend giving the reader that context). But please don't let that deter you from continuing this story! Maybe just reread your work to help you remember where you've already been.
1/16 c1 LuciMoon
This is a really great story! Please continue as much as you can.
12/29/2021 c21 2BamaBelle2012
sooo glad you updated! can't wait for more!
12/22/2021 c21 sofiacarson19981998
Yay! Thank you but updating this amazing story!
12/22/2021 c21 Binte Muhammad
I just saw this story again, and my the summary it sounded familiar, and I read recently updates too, so I was wondering why I couldn't engender finishing it or why it wasn't in my favourites, and now I see you updated it after a long time. I am very happy your decided to continue, its an exceptionally well written story in the terminal illness category, which are already very rare.

And congratulations with your marriage and your child! How you're doing well
12/22/2021 c20 2Flooney
yes, yes, yes! an update, an update! i just want to start off with the fact that i'm so proud of youuu! lots of congratulations for multiple events, and kudos. couldn't believe the surprise update— literally!

may be a bit much, but i'm hoping you're doing well and if you continue the story, wishing you the best of luck!
12/21/2021 c21 Urgazhi
So I recently read this. Over the past two days or so, and I can't help but wonder but what happened to that phone number that he got from that waitress. I'm honestly surprised that Petunia or Dudley didn't try to get him to call her. Maybe that's a plot point later on in the book?

I originally thought about stopping reading this story because of the inclusion of Draco, but you managed to actually redeem him somewhat. I feel like that event, the death of his mother, would be one of the only things that would have the chance to change him. I mean I think the death of his father could have any effect, just because he would see it as a martyrdom. This was really well written, and I hope to see you updated again soon!
12/13/2021 c21 Raven
So thrilled to see this is back. I even found myself rereading it earlier this year. Welcome back!
12/13/2021 c21 2Astrido
yay, welcome back. and a fantastically written chapter, too.
good luck with the next chapter.
12/12/2021 c21 4witherwings1972
OH wow I am so glad you decided to continue this story. it's one of the best written fics I've read.
12/9/2021 c9 witherwings1972
congratulations on having your article published.
12/9/2021 c21 8Lumcer
It’s good to see an update. It was nice to come back to this story. I quite agree growing up is very much like leaving neverland. I commend you for coming back to writing. I’m still working on that endeavor. If only being a grown up just wasn’t so exhausting. Keep writing!

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