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for Shadow Hearts: Resurrection

2/11/2015 c8 11LordAdamant
This is really cool. All of this is helping me with ideas for something I've been thinking of myself. I am incredibly impressed with your skill and how you fit in the weapons and introduce the characters. Kudos.
11/21/2012 c8 UNKNOWN
Oh man, Yuri's out! Can't believe this happened! Well, I hope he comes back...hope, I hope you didn't kill him off.

Well, update soon!
11/11/2012 c8 35Rivaille D'Anzelotte
At long last, you came back *Smirks* Excellent so far. I was getting worried you've stopped. I hope you can continue this coz it's still awesome!
8/3/2012 c7 UNKNOWN
Oh boy, I dunno who's worse. Him or that sleaze ball.
8/3/2012 c4 UNKNOWN
Ah, a rather interesting story. By any chance, do you accept OC's? I have been meaning to find one, and yet I have not. If you don't want to use him, fine by me, I am just going crazy here.

Name: Galen Faust
Role: former soldier
Element: neutral
Weapon: dual swords

appearance: has black hair that goes down to his neck, has a aqua green right eye and a mud brown left eye, which is covered by his hair. He wears an old army jacket, worn by war, a torn purple t-shirt, and blue jeans with tears at the knee's and calf's. He sometimes acts alone, never allows anyone to get close to him, and will kill any monster he see's, even if that monster is a Harmonixer.

Like I said earlier, you don't have to use him. I'm just getting him off my chest. Well, that's all here. See ya
3/24/2012 c7 Rivaille D'Anzelotte
well, it has been a while. I'm starting to really love it because i feel like it IS shadow hearts. i always read it and i hope you update soon! i'm already crossing my fingers as i speak! so excited! and also, i hope you don't stop making this because so far, your fic about a new shadow hearts is awesome! hell yeah dude! keep writing and rocking on! XD
1/30/2012 c7 8Thozmp Corris
Nice to see Bacon. Are you going to do a weapons encyclopedia as well? Some of the ones in he games were pretty interesting.
9/17/2011 c6 35Rivaille D'Anzelotte
So far, it gets better and better. I really like that character Yuri Inugami and it kinda reminded me of the cousins. Roger should make cameo, right? hope it does. A shadow hearts stroy cannot be a story if Roger isn't ther :) hahaha, goodluck on your next chapter..!

~Noelle Strife
8/28/2011 c6 8Thozmp Corris
I like this so far, and I can probably guess who the four main enemies are, especially with the names. Though I do wonder how this Yuri got a light element, when his parents where dark and water elements? Also, will Roger Bacon make an apperance as well, you already had a cameo from Keith, so the old warlock should make an appearance sometime.
6/30/2011 c1 23leavingyouforme
First off, a promising start with a fan continuation of Shadow Hearts. Given the series' humor, it's hard to balance that with the occuring drama and angst that just have to occur in such a world. In the four chapters so far, I found myself both wonderfully entertained and engaged with the characters.

I'm a bit scratching my head at the punctuation. The sentences end sometimes without the point through the whole chapters what is a bit jarring. The same goes for commata and the ending commata in the direct speeches. == ["Big Brother, you mustn't be afraid of them" this last message was confusing enough for Charlie to stop his progress towards the exit and half turn to ask.] Maybe you should get a beta who looks for this?

About chapter 1: I found the descrptions of the ship, the surroundings and narrative a bit flat and short. It's only my personal opinion, though, as I'm a very visual person who loves these details, like what Dawn's room looked like. Still, a bit more of details can help to immerse the readers into the story. For example with Charlie as Gallas, I'd have expected Dawn to stumble back in fear or at least in surprise when he approached her. He has just transformed into a monster which has killed Markus! And I'd have liked to have the fight scene a bit more elaborate, but you improved on these scenes in chapter 3 and 4.

[Which is hard when you're an heiress but she tries her best.] The line doesn't really fit there in my opinion. It simply breaks off and while I can imagine that Dawn is an orphan who has only her grandmother left now, more background would have been nice.

["Good evening, my friends. My name is Markus, and I am afraid that there is no island. We are simply here for the Key and we didn't believe she would come unless she believed it utterly safe."] While 'there is no island' clues you in something is wrong, this section too ambigious as to show clearly that this is not part of the show. But Dawn thinks clearly in the next paragraph he's a robber although she could guess it's part of the evening show.

Great use of the drowned sailors as monsters. What fits better on an ocean cruiser than these men of whom likely hundreds rest at the bottom of the seas? With lots of malice, too, as they probably didn't drown peacefully. It fits nicely into the games' use of monsters that belong often to the local mythology or, worse, catastrophes that happened and changed normal humans/animals to these creatures.

You said yourself you're working on getting out the kinks. There were some, but they didn't stop me from enjoying the story so far and you've been already improving with the next chapters. I'm loving Kaede's no-nonsense attitude and Charlie is cute in that boyish way while Dawn will seriously need some hugs. She's new to the monster deal after all and there's the question of what she is the key (am I seeing a bit of a parallel to Alice?).
6/24/2011 c4 35Rivaille D'Anzelotte
Awesome as always. I'm trying to write the second chapter where I'm going to introduce the other character which is like the boy part of alice and the nice part of johnny. thanks for the shout out. appreciated.

And um one more thing. I'm a girl actually hehe :)

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