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for A Short Epilogue

10/19/2011 c1 38cookiethewriter
Wow. I seriously just wiped a tear from my eye.

Miss, er, 'Champ' person? I think this was very well written, and it could've happened. I could see the potential where Zero might feel and think the way he did. That being said...

I saw no errors, and for some STUPID fangirly reason, I liked how Yuuki tried to play off her heartbreak but Kaname knew it regardless. :I Thank goodness these things didn't really happen. I'd have died inside, I think.

I look forward to more Zeki if you ever feel like writing them again. ^^ I'll be waiting. (Haha, funny, right? Yuuki's last words to Zero, sorta. XD D'ah, sorry.)

7/4/2011 c1 51Ekko Rayne
*Sadness* Although I do see Zero as being the suicidal type it really sucks that he couldn't hold on for Yuuki. Kaname is just an *ss for putting Zero through that knowing how he was going to end up. There's was always something about Kaname I didn't like.
7/3/2011 c1 Guest
love your story. But it was sad when Zero shot himself
4/24/2011 c1 9Krizteena
Aw. This was good. With some of my favorite scenes from the anime and all... I feel like this is what we ALL think Zero would have done after Yuuki left...

BUT, big but- those of us who read the manga know what happens next! You should read the manga to see how it's going. It's basically the same as the anime, not too long either, with a plus that Zero actually kisses Yuuki in the manga. Oops, spoiler alert? The manga is good, though, and that is my point. So you should read it if you haven't ;)
4/21/2011 c1 5A Bleeding Heart Blooms
Hello! I enjoyed reading your story, even though it was sad. (I am not a Zero hater, so that wasn't the reason). I think you explored Zero's deep, dark, and depressed side pretty well through his memories / experiences without rushing to his decision.

I like how you compared how their roles reversed when they were kids, and how she is always just outside his grasp. It reminded me of the star-crossed lovers line from Romeo and Juliet.

Also, I think you kept Kaname's reaction in character by having him not reveal to Yuuki what happened.

It's too bad you forgot your other ending! Maybe it will come back to you one day. Honestly, I can't see Zero actually doing this after the anime, but your story made it seem possible. ^_^

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