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for Bringing Out the Blue

10/9 c26 kober.emese
Please don't stop with it, I like this story
9/8 c26 Oyyo
"Sokka wiggled his fingers in greeting. "Hi, Aang. They've made me wait here while they got you. Took a while." His voice was oddly flat and tired."

Oh, the dread this fills me with! Did Sokka get mind-bent?

I'm not sure, but I think I spotted some edits since the last time I read! I'm excited to see if this story can still come to some completion!
8/28 c26 39Grumpr
I’ve been rereading this story and I enjoyed it immensely! I really liked Zuko befriending the gaang in his Blue Spirit disguise and all the spirit stuff is pretty cool. Also I love Toph and Zuko’s dynamic. I know this fic hasn’t been updated since 2015 and you mentioned health issues in some of the author notes so I hope that you’re alright. I was delighted to discover I probably hadn’t read the last chapter yet so there was more of this story than I remembered. Thanks for writing and sharing and wishing you all the best!
8/6 c26 1Guardianmazur
Just binged this over the past few days and am devastated as I thought it was a finished fic absolutely amazing writing and I am in awe of the fact I can get this quality content for free. Apparently the writer has some health problems so if they are reading this I am sending them all my good thoughts. The fic is so well thought out and the characters portrayed so accurately. I have to admit I was sad when zukko left his mask at the lake in Atla so to be able to see this part of him played out is so fascinating to me. I honestly believe if the writers of the show had decided to keep zukkos identity hidden after he rescued aang that this is how it would have went. Such a good read and time well spent reading it
7/31 c26 Yew
This is great! There's probably a very low chance of you updating since it's been over six years, but in case you see this- You have a lot of talent. It's perfectly alright if you choose not to continue this, but know that if you do, I'll always be happy to read it :)
6/29 c6 KindahatethatImadethis
This is one of the best fics I’ve ever read, easily the best atla fic. Thank you for this beautiful work
6/22 c17 mattywilkss
zuko's argument is really shitty here, and i'm really surprised that no one called him on it. why did those soldiers in the north deserve to die? because they were trying to subjugate the northern water tribe with overwhelming force. the fact that zuko is pissed that they got some overwhelming force thrown back in their faces just shows how naive he is.
4/30 c25 Marsh
I've binged this for the past few days. I really enjoyed this fic, especially how you portrayed the characters. It was fun to read about things we didn't see in the show, such as Zuko sneaking on Zhao's ship. The conversation between Toph and Zuko was also very amusing. It's been about 6 years since this was updated, and I'm holding off reading the last chapter. I guess I don't want to finish reading it yet. I don't know if you're going to finish this, but thank you for this story. I hope you're doing well.
3/23 c26 27sushigal007
I know it's a long shot subscribing to a fic that hasn't been updated in more than five years, but hey, there's a renaissance on, no harm in hoping! But even if this fic is abandoned, I just wanted to let you know I found it on a fic rec list and binged the whole lot in three days flat and thoroughly enjoyed it, so thank you!
3/14 c26 Guest
Wonderful, wonderful story! There aren’t enough good stories about Zuko being the Blue Spirit. I hope you come back and finish this! :)
2/6 c16 1Toris Lietvu Laurinatis
Okay but I spent a good five ten minutes convinced they where going to jump to the conclusion with Tophs knowledge that he was Lu Ten who had survived an attempted assassination by someone firenation sent by Ozka and had been hiding in the Earth nation ever since lol.
1/30 c24 Guest
Again, this fic is the best representation of ADHD I've seen in a LONG time. The trouble with thinking, with thoughts getting tangled up? Especially with two entirely separate lines of though getting confused into one mass? How helpful it is to write things down? How much easier it is to think things through when you can slow down and work it out? How new concepts are difficult to deal with on the spot? How if you don't pin down a thought, then it morphs and slips through your fingers and you forget what it was?
This fic is excellent.
1/30 c24 Bubbles
It's horrifying that the guy genuinely thought he was helping by calling over the Dai Li- trying to get Jet treated as a person, not thrown in jail, and make sure his record stayed clean and he could settle into the city- and instead he delivered him into what was possibly the worst fate Jet could meet at that moment. Reading his dialog sent a genuine chill over my skin; harmless and helpful, in one context, standing up for someone with no one... but if you have the full context, it reads very differently.
1/29 c26 howmanyisthat
was great
1/3 c26 sorry if Im rude
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