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for Bringing Out the Blue

7/15/2017 c1 Guest




I dunno anymore.

This is gonna get interesting I know.
7/6/2017 c26 1pikachukite
uh oh... zukos in trouble now.
6/29/2017 c26 9bibliophile030
Thank you for writing such a wonderful story so far. I am sure your chosen successor will honor the following this tale has garnered in the past several years. Luck to your next endeavors.
6/5/2017 c26 1destinycreate
I think we all encounter those incredible fics where, for one reason or another, the author cannot finish the story. And that's okay. Thank you for this masterpiece.
Tbh, reading this has given me some determination to try and write something at least half as good as this - because my health is not my obstacle but instead my lack of conviction (and that's pretty pathetic, considering).
I thank you for igniting my determination with your work. Laslty, I hope you are doing well, wherever you are )
6/1/2017 c26 13Bopdawoo
I love this story so much. Very cool! Keep on writing!
5/28/2017 c26 1RadicalReader261
This is a beautifuly constructed story that should be continued, because i like it so do others.
5/16/2017 c1 68BlatantBookworm
Great story
5/4/2017 c26 Soviet Kodiak
I just want you to know that I sincerely enjoyed this fic. It was well written, interesting and a whole lot of fun. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into it. I know you said you had some health issues, but hopefully those are doing better now.

If you can find the inspiration, I and many others would love to hear more of your work. I mean, the ending to ch. 26 is killing me.

Hopefully we'll hear from you soon, thank you, and I hope you're alright/having fun/enjoying life!

4/30/2017 c26 NatNicole
Freakin' AMAZING story from start to finish! Every sentence is pure GENIUS! *grins like Toph*
4/26/2017 c26 Armandis
Hey, I just read through this story and I very much enjoyed all of intricate and interwoven details you have put into this wonderful work! I especially like Jee and his conspiracy! I saw in some of the author's notes that you have had some health troubles, best of luck with those! I will look forward to any future updates! Have a lovely morning/day/afternoon/evening/night!
4/18/2017 c26 3Deja Vu 22
This is a mean cliffhanger of two years...
Sigh. If only there were more chapters... hint hint.
I love this. Please keep it going!
4/11/2017 c26 Guest
This is really good
4/5/2017 c26 6Marisandini
Aaaawww, you give Toph her life changing field trip with Zuko...
4/3/2017 c26 ibarracamila98
I need you to keep going with this amazing story, otherwise, I will cry to no end. Your great! Thanks for this awesome fic.
3/27/2017 c26 Leopardheart44
This really is a great story. I hope that one day you'll get to continue it :)
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