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for Bringing Out the Blue

3/11/2017 c14 Guest
Amazing chapter. I like how you expand on the world, like what happend to the airbenders and so on. It gives the story depth and makes me want to know more.
3/11/2017 c13 Guest
Great chapter. I like how self awere this fic is (if that makes sence).
3/11/2017 c11 Guest
I love this :)
3/9/2017 c7 Guest
Amazing story. Very well written :)
3/8/2017 c2 Guest
Amazing 3
3/7/2017 c1 Guest
This is an awsome fic. (This is my second time reading it) 3
2/17/2017 c26 Shad0ish
Really love this story. Will it ever be continued?
2/16/2017 c26 6BooksAreMedicine
Way to go Suki, what a brilliant girl.

I do wish Mai and Ty Lee didn't have to worry about Azula so much.
Glad that the defector escaped but too bad Azula knows about the uprising now.

Again, loving the Toph and Zuko teamwork.
I do hope Zuko gets that bleeding fixed soon so he can at last find some balance in himself and his choices.

Way a cliffhanger to end on. I do hope you continue the tale.
(Or least give a summarized version of how it would end)
2/16/2017 c25 BooksAreMedicine
The mystery meeting was cool, glad Iroh is trying to help Jeong Jeong.

Zuko and Blue Spirit's talk was great...Zuko made some touch decisions. I do hope the bleeding is fixed soon though.

I liked getting the update with Jee...even he knew what Zuko did with the drill. Iroh and Zuko are smart in the fact they don't overlook the people who work for them unlike Azula...she keeps a close watch on those closest to her but didn't think to take advantage of Zuko's crew.
2/16/2017 c24 BooksAreMedicine
Cool that Suki joined the society...be fun if she met Zuko there. And it would give Zuko more credit too.

Poor Zuko, the spiritual bleeding must be getting worse if his thoughts are so confused...every time he gets close to the truth, he argues or lies.

No wonder he has trouble accepting love from Uncle with the twisted version his dad taught him.
That visit while he was healing was the cruelest of all
2/16/2017 c23 BooksAreMedicine
His and Toph's banter was great...they are both pretty evenly matched in terms of strategy.

I like how the group finally learned about his bending skills too.

Sokka handled it really well.

Glad that Aang and Zuko are pushing each other to get better.

Katara and Sokka are so good for Zuko, forcing him to see the truth and how he's lied to himself. His view of his father as good is crumbling slowly.

The bleeding bit was vague but oh so intriguing...can't wait to learn more about Blue Spirit and Zuko
2/16/2017 c22 BooksAreMedicine
Girl bonding scene was fun.
I'm so glad Mai was able to get the Gaang to see that they've done questionable things as well.
Glad Katara could relate more to Zuko's treaty attempt too.

I liked the exchange of info about Zuko and the Firelord...pieces are falling into place for the Gaang to not hate Zuko so much.

Love the romance with Mai and Zuko.

She gave him some essential help too, a new vision for their nation, brilliant and true :D
2/16/2017 c21 BooksAreMedicine
Wow, Zuko's plan for the drill was so cool! Very impressive bending too!

I like how he cared so much about the Earth Kingdom workers too.

Glad Iroh was able to help him out.

I like how both Sokka and Toph suspect something(good call on the ear being her first clue) but trust Blue. His entrance was everything I'd hoped for 3 :D

I liked hearing Suki's and Mai's POV. They had some good insights. It was impressive to hear why everyone on that ship feared the Blue Spirit. Again, shows Zuko's intelligence and bending skills that Azula never even thought he had anything to do with it by bending...he's just so dang impressive and awesome

Nice with Toph and Blue bonding over the signature
2/16/2017 c20 BooksAreMedicine
Wow, that spirit stuff was cool. I really enjoyed the twist with Zuko handling the Sea Serpent this time around.

His plan was a good one, very impressive how well he carried it out too. If only Azula wasn't so clever and lucky.

I hope he gets the dagger back

Great ending line.

Will you show more of his unique bending with the heat sense and healing and all?
Apparently he healed Iroh's spirit, which was very cool
2/16/2017 c19 BooksAreMedicine
I'm with Sokka, Blue would've been on his side 100%.
I did like the Sokka style line too, his thoughts on Zuko's compliment further prove there's a brain in there.

Glad Zuko got to meet the White Lotus Society :)
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