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for Bringing Out the Blue

2/16/2017 c19 6BooksAreMedicine
I'm with Sokka, Blue would've been on his side 100%.
I did like the Sokka style line too, his thoughts on Zuko's compliment further prove there's a brain in there.

Glad Zuko got to meet the White Lotus Society :)
2/16/2017 c18 BooksAreMedicine
Whoa, go Iroh! I love seeing the progress he made with both the Gaang and Zuko.

He's really good at opening eyes.

Glad Toph is there to explain to the Gaang what they miss.

Good for Iroh to get through to Zuko about his love and how Zuko is more honorable than his father

Very sage discussion about war too
2/15/2017 c17 BooksAreMedicine
Such fun this chapter...so many changing dynamics.

I love how Aang and Zuko are starting to get through to each other

Ugh, I never liked resentful Katara with her nothing can make up for it.

Glad you kept in the crazy sister line LOL
2/15/2017 c16 BooksAreMedicine
Glad Toph was able to talk some sense into the group.

At least she sees that Zuko loves Iroh and could help the group question Azula as a firelord

Fun twist to throw Mai in there and have Sokka start to see Zuko as more human
2/15/2017 c15 BooksAreMedicine
Lot of revelations for Zuko here, glad he sees the need to end the war.

I am so happy he has his swords again too :)

He did ask Aang very good questions.

I hope he can convince how horrible it'd be for Azula to rule at least
2/15/2017 c14 BooksAreMedicine
So happy you kept the "That's rough buddy" line in :D

I liked how the Blue Spirit has chosen Zuko.

Cool that Avatar Roku approves of him and how Zuko is starting to relate to Kuzon.

I love how he is slowly questioning his father's choices and actions and forming his own ideas. He'll be a great firelord one day to be sure.

So nice to see Aang's balance with seeing the good in the Fire Nation
2/15/2017 c13 BooksAreMedicine
Nice that he saw his cousin and has hope for his mother.

I'm glad Sokka is able to help him...poor Zuko, his dad really did a number on him with his abuse and neglect.
Glad Zuko is noticing the odd things...like how Azula was allowed friends.

Such progress too, now he has friends that he wants to keep.

I liked how he helped Aang stay focused, he's good for the group :)
2/15/2017 c12 BooksAreMedicine
Really cool to here Mai's POV. I love how the scar doesn't phase her and how she thought Zuko was brave.

Glad to see behind her mask too.

Nice to have that rumor about the airbenders thrown in there...it does fit in a creepy way.

I was glad to see Zuko standing up for what he believed even if it did cause conflict.

Good for Katara to know what she wants too

I love how Zuko realizes that his dad isn't perfect, and is starting to use Iroh as a counter example
2/15/2017 c11 BooksAreMedicine
Glad that both Iroh and Zuko were able to come up with good plans to survive.

Nice call to keep the topknot cutting scene in there, good symbolism too.

I like how Zuko realizes his attack on the Avatar wouldn't help anyone. Hopefully Blue can help Aang see what he actually did at the North Pole.

Glad he has a chance to see Mai again.

Love those dramatic entrances, keep them coming!
2/15/2017 c10 BooksAreMedicine
Wow, loved how smart Zuko was here, noticing what was off, and his plan for their escape was well thought out too.

I liked Toru,good to see an example of a good competent Fire Nation soldier, one who Zuko would be proud to be the prince of and whom Iroh would respect too
2/15/2017 c9 BooksAreMedicine
Wow, lots of ups and downs here.

Glad Iroh decided to help Zuko out rather than continue as they were. It's good he's willing to parent now.

Poor Zuko, my heart broke here and in that episode, he truly loves his family
2/15/2017 c8 BooksAreMedicine
Glad you put in just how hard it was for Zuko to sneak into the North Pole

Good characterization of Katara, I can't really blame her but I want to so badly.

At least Aang wanted to hear him out

Can't blame Zuko for his change of heart about the treaty, not after that pain and loss
2/15/2017 c7 BooksAreMedicine
So wonderful to the see the development in Iroh and Zuko's relationship.

Glad Zuko got to hear that his crew didn't hate him too

I hope to hear more about this "payback" too lol
2/15/2017 c6 BooksAreMedicine
Poor Sokka, he got so close to figuring it out, amazing what he did piece together (glad you keep showcasing his brains). Still, glad he didn't put together that it was Zuko yet...though I kind of hope he does figure it but sees that there is more to Zuko than his anger and the chase.

Whoa baby! I am so impressed with Zuko right now, he truly is thinking like a prince and not a son. That is a reasonable idea, glad Iroh supported him (and helped him see it wasn't treason (in the truest sense since it is for his father)) and can see these changes for the better.

Nice to see the progress with Zuko and how he still has aways to go with his self confidence.
Iroh is such a good mentor
2/15/2017 c5 BooksAreMedicine
I do love how Zuko is slowly changing his mindset and becoming more aware of what's wrong with his father's plans (and his own to keep ahold of Aang).
Shows intelligence and maturity.

The battle was exciting, glad they all did well.

That healing scene was awesome! I love stories where Zuko has healing skills or bends uniquely. I hope there is more of it later on.

The bonding scene was so nice too
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