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for Bringing Out the Blue

10/14/2016 c26 2TidePoolDevil
Uh oh...man, I can't wait to see how that turns out, even if I have to wait three years.
10/12/2016 c26 M
I know you haven't really paid mind to this story in a while, but it's really good, and I wouldn't be opposed to an update...
8/31/2016 c26 MOVEDGOODBYE
i gotta be honest here, i was actually expecting this to be another one those dumbass fics that i've briefly seen and thought 'i'm gonna avoid this forever' because of how shitty the writing was, or how badly the plot was worked out. but then i realised it was damn good writing, and the plot's somehow even more awesome than the series (which is an amazing feat, trust me), so now i basically just love this fic. my only real issue is that sometimes i don't really get what's going on, like when people're talking and i'm just thinking 'how is such and such relevant to this situation?' but i can get the general idea. basically, i love this fic and i really hope we get to see zuko/blue's reaction to katara saying that at the end!
8/6/2016 c26 Guest
Ahh this story is really good, I hope you would come back to this
8/1/2016 c26 Guest
7/8/2016 c26 138Ani-maniac494
This is a wonderful fic. It's such an interesting look at Zuko and at the Gaang, and it's fabulously written. :D I look forward to more!

Fantastic work!

7/7/2016 c26 7treena-ivy-carter
Firstly, I'd like to give you well wishes regarding your health. I hope you're feeling better and/or otherwise improving.

I also would like to express how much I enjoy this story. It's original (which is surprisingly hard to find), and I enjoy your characterizations of each of the characters. I think you are one of the very few (great) authors of the ATLA fandom to explore Zuko as a not-very-good-bender. I really like how Zuko is having to deal with his familial relationships, nation's propaganda, and entire foundation falling to pieces/showing its true colors. I like the foil created by how GAang treats Zuko versus Blue. I also enjoy the foil Zuko exhibits when he feels like he has to act like himself ("I am Zuko, son of Ursa and Firelord Ozai") versus when he acts like Blue.

I really enjoy this.

Thank you for writing this.

6/21/2016 c26 Theforeverknigh
Loving reading this! All the character portrayals are wonderful and I'm loving Toph and Zuko having to get along. (How have I only found this fanfic now? Holy shit its great!)
6/9/2016 c26 hogwarts.student.forever
This is hands down the best fanfiction I have ever read. The characters are portrayed in a way that made me have to go back and rewatch episodes, because I had so much trouble distinguishing the characters and your portrayal. I really hope you continue this, you have done an amazing-no, perfect- job on this.
5/11/2016 c26 11Basil Allegri
I probably find Blue's interactions with team avatar about as amusing as Toph does - nice tensions going there. I also enjoy it a lot when you do Iroh and Sokka's perspective; they're surprisingly insightful.
5/10/2016 c26 1GlueDew
I'm slightly ashamed to say I read this whole story in less than 2 days, considering the incredible length and the fact that I should have spent that time studying, but this story was just so amazingly written that I felt compelled to read it through to the end (or to the end of what's written to far, which I hope is not the end-end). I've always liked Zuko and the way his character was handled in the show, but usually fanfics don't get his character quite right, emphasizing and negating different aspects of his personality out of proportion. Your Zuko, however, is probably the best-written characterization I've seen. I love the things he does and thinks, and also hate them: his stubbornness, his conflicting views about his nation and who should be his enemies, his naivety and almost purposeful blindness to the true nature of Ozai and Azula... spot on.
You've got all the other characters down as well, like Iroh and Toph and Suki, but since much of the story is told from Zuko's POV, it stands out the most. A lot of authors get caught up in what they think a character should be doing and don't pay enough attention to what a character would do, but you don't have that problem.
I see you haven't updated in a while, and I hope that doesn't mean you've dropped the story because I really want to see the rest of the characters' growth and read your incredible writing, but what you have is great enough that I would happily reread it multiple times and ponder what might happen next myself (thought it wouldn't be as good as whatever you come up with, I'm sure). Kudos!
5/6/2016 c12 Mab's Mad Fiddler
Yeah, realistic culture clash! Always love a good side conflict. Adds spice to a plot line.
4/23/2016 c26 4Hobbyist Writer
This is really good and I hope you continue it.
4/12/2016 c26 mean melon
I absolutely love your story. I had just finished rewatching the blue spirit episode and I had really been hoping that there was a good fanfiction about it, and the first one I found was yours. It is fantastic, occasionally you have some instances where the characters may be a little ooc, but its mostly because there is no way to quite tell what there thoughts would be on certain things. I like how the changes you've made to the original storyline have been subtle but interesting. I love reading from Toph and Zuko's point of view in your story. I know you've had some medical issues, and its been over half a year since you last updated, but I really hope you continue, what you have is great and I would love to see how it will continue from here.
4/10/2016 c26 9BiteWorseThanBark
This fic - as a whole - is gorgeous. Everything is written stunningly, from the characters and their struggles (plus your explorations into them, and their motivations) to the new, slowly unfurling plot. Honestly, I drank up every word so fast it's a wonder my brain didn't choke. Absolutely frigging stunning fic; can't wait to see what else you've got in store in the chapters ahead!
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