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12/20/2020 c26 1Pitch'snieceanddaughterofMew
11/22/2020 c21 Bubbles
On one hand, I feel bad that Zuko's struggling with executive dysfunction. On the other hand, I am absolutely THRILLED to see a character with executive dysfunction in anything that I read, so thank you for that!
11/22/2020 c26 2Farbeyondthegrave
terrific story! I hope you are well
11/12/2020 c23 Guest
Huh, is Zuko's body temperature always cooler and less noticeable when he's wearing the mask because the Blue Spirit is pulling energy from him? Or doing something to disguise him?
10/15/2020 c26 3avaya29
I absolutely love this story! The deviation from and confluence with canon, so well interwoven (down to details like the pot of yellow flowers). Jee’s own little rebellion and its intersection with Suki’s story. The relationship between Mai and Zuko, so well done! Iroh’s characterisation is brilliant and Zuko very complex and believable. Ozai is a clever manipulative evil little bitch and the way he’s managed Zuko makes Zuko’s belief that he can earn his father’s love really believable. Toph is fantastic, and I loved the bit about learning to sign her name and the reason she needed to.

You’ve put in a lot of worldbuilding too, details like how Katara and Sokka were schooled, which makes the story much richer. I The whole ‘real Blue Spirit’ is fascinating. I hope Zuko remembers to tell his uncle that bit about the dragon spirits!
10/14/2020 c26 Guest
Fantastic writing and amazing story! You're so good at getting into each character's head and portraying them logically and realistically! I love seeing the changes that occur due to Zuko helping the Gaang, and I love how Zuko is changing his ideas about the world in a way that is believable. The way you write makes the story feel real. I feel Mai's and Ty Lee's trepidation and respect for Azula; I feel Zuko's growing respect for the Avatar; I feel Iroh's love for his nephew and his sorrow for his son. I hope this story has not been abandoned, because I really want to see what happens next. Everything seems to be slowly coming together, with all the important characters together in Ba Sing Se, and the White Lotus making plans for the same thing as Aang. I also love the budding friendship between Toph and Zuko, and their subtle jabs at each other when they're with everyone else, and I want to see that keep progressing.
8/19/2020 c9 coldwinter122
This chapter has it's ups and downs. Zuko doesn't think highly of himself in the canon version but in this version I think you take it a little too far. At every point he drags on himself and it's annoying to read. I also don't see how he forgot the fact that, "Azula always lies". He told himself this often growing up. He experienced her cruelty first hand, and saw her being cruel to others. I also don't like how naive Zuko is in this story towards Ozai. In the Canon version part of the reason Zuko wanted to capture the Avatar was to please Ozai and earn his favor, regain his honor. I didn't get the impression he ever felt his father loved him. He hoped to earn that love. I liked the first couple chapters, zuko appeared cunning and confident. It feels like you wrote those traits out of him as the story has progressed.
8/8/2020 c26 Heather Mcflay
Love the story. Its one of the best stories in ATLA that I have read so far. hope you continue writing it one day
8/5/2020 c26 Singer Sira
I saw this story recommended somewhere, and even though I usually don't read unfinished stories, this one sounded good enough that I decided to read it anyway. I'm glad I did. I love your Zuko. I honestly expected him to join the Gaang much sooner, but I like the way you've written it instead. It feels very true to his character (and brings back memories of just wanting to scream "What are you doing? This isn't the way the story is supposed to go!" at him the first time I watched the end of season two). About the only "complaint" I have with the story is that I would have liked to have seen more of the comfort side of hurt/comfort, but I understand that Zuko is not in a place right now where he would really accept that. Ah well, I can still imagine it happening later on. I was very happy that you decided to go with a Maiko relationship in this story. I will be the first to admit that I had a hard time relating to/understanding Mai in the show, although I feel like I have a better grasp of her now than I did at first. But I really think that she is a better match for Zuko than Katara would be. Mai and Zuko both love their country and its people, and that is a very important trait for them to share. I could see Katara falling in love with Zuko, but I can't see her as a good potential Fire Lady. There is just too much of the Water Tribe in her. There were way too many things I loved about this story to name them all, but one thing that keeps popping into my head is Zuko's reaction to Jeong Jeong teaching a firebender to fear fire, especially his rage over the "fire hater" not even teaching Aang how to put out a fire. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think that was my favorite moment in the story.
7/28/2020 c26 Pipster Celeste
Amazing story! I love it and it's so unique. I doubt there is any chance of you continuing this fic but I just thought I'd say how great it is!
7/26/2020 c26 45chisscientist
This is a fun story. Glad I found it. I hope that your health improves; that does not sound pleasant.
7/26/2020 c24 StarryEden
Oh my god, Toph's wolfbat theory! Hilarious!
And Zuko trying to sort out his thoughts by writing them down. Nice!
Thanks for writing!
7/26/2020 c23 StarryEden
Aaah! Toph finally finding out for certain and confronting Zuko, and their ensuing banter is the best! And even when they're back with the Gaang, she keeps not-so-subtly goading him. XD
And Aang saying that the 100 years was only a few months for him, which makes the genocide of his people even more painful and surreal. Oof! And Zuko sympathizing with that and respecting the strength it takes.
And then reading the letter from Hakoda, oof!
At first I thought: oh Ozai had a nice long chat with him, that's at least a little bit less horriblebut then Zuko keeps going into more detail (with his unreliable narrator filter of course) and I'm like: wait, he was totally brainwashing you, not to mention gaslighting! That goddamn piece of shit! But now I'm not entirely sure how malicious he was being at that point. Or whether he was just manipulating Zuko for his own gain, or actually trying to help him what little he could, in his own twisted way.
Aww, he's figuring things out! <3
Thanks for writing!
7/25/2020 c22 StarryEden
I love Katara realizing that both being a healer, and a warrior are equally important, and not mutually exclusive! And that not only should women learn fighting (as well as healing), but also that men should learn healing (in addition to fighting). That seems to be a realization Zuko struggles with as well...
And Zuko's whole conversation with Mai is wonderful! For just a few minutes he actually gets to be happy! And then -Oh shit. :D
Thanks for writing!
7/25/2020 c21 StarryEden
Well of course she's just going to overwork the villagers even more to rebuild it. God dammit! I guess that's the advantage of destroying it near Ba Sing Se, where she's putting it into action, instead of right where she built it.
Toph being able to figure out how to read in the earth and with chalk on a slate is so cool!
Blue's interactions with the Gaang are still my favorite thing!
I'm definitely going be coming back to reread this.
Thanks for writing!
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