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6/25/2015 c26 19keeperofcoldtoes
Are- Is this- . . . are we getting more? Is this coming back? FINALLY the dragon from the land of Hiatus has been SLAIN. Congratulations on your triumph! Hohoho, such treasures await!
6/25/2015 c26 6Alta-Lemur
Yay! I am happy that you are still around. I hope things become better for you soon.

Zuko reminds me of Watanuki from xxxHolic right now. Or at least, it seems like spirits are visible to him now, and so the sight is distracting. I am surprised how quickly Zuko is getting the info on his mom.

Toph is my favorite, and she is very Toph in this. Her interactions with Zuko is great. They both have ways of sensing people, and they seem to make a good covert team together.

It's good to see Aang practice the tracking-sense, and finding ways around his roadblocks, like Katara meditating with him. It is a frustrating wonder why Long Feng never just guided the Gaang to the war generals instead of delaying them. Obviously they don't work in the same kind of subtle hint and subterfuge world that he does.

I am rooting for the Kyoshi warriors.
6/25/2015 c26 2Poliamida
My God, an update! Has been a while, hasn't it? Great to have this story back.
6/25/2015 c26 Soleana
Most enthusiastic hooray, I love this fic! Been following it since before I had an account and I'm happy every time it updates. Hooray tea-Zuko, hooray explorer-Toph, hooray biding-their-time-Kyoshi-Warriors. Hooray Katata-and-her-inconvenient-kindness.
6/25/2015 c26 Fritz Niemann
It's nice to see this story updated. Carry on with the good work!
6/25/2015 c26 14miladyRanger
You're back! YAY!

Okay, now that that's out of the way... great chapter. :) I loved Zuko's little mime-act with Toph, and especially Suki's absolute distrust of Mai and Ty Lee.

Thank you so much for continuing this-I look forward to reading more of it!
6/25/2015 c26 Weasel Fu
A new chapter, sweet! I liked seeing the prickly Zuko and Toph get to understand each other a little better and I see that Azula is as crazy as ever. The bits between Mai and Suki were very interesting, it was nice to see other people getting developed (not that I don't love Zuko, but still).
6/25/2015 c26 3Lethotep
I'm so happy! I loved the new chapter, and will start rereading the entire fic again the moment I can so I can see how you've edited it. I really enjoyed the Zuko and Toph interactions in this chapter and continue to be very enthusiastic about this story, and very interested as to where you're going to take it.

Thank you very much for the chapter, it made my day!
6/25/2015 c26 Nele

6/25/2015 c26 10Daniella Violet Moon
I was so excited to see a new chapter up! More of the dorky aristocrats on adventures! Also, Suki being sneaky and awesome! Lake Laogi is not gonna be fun though...
6/25/2015 c26 1LawdPotash
Awwww yisss, mutha f*cking breadcrumbs!
6/25/2015 c26 3pisoprano
My reaction on seeing that this fic updated: "Please don't be abandoned, please don't be abandoned...13k! Booyah! Must read now!" Seriously, I am very happy and I love all the developments going on in this chapter, especially the interactions between Zuko and Toph-watching their friendship makes me wish the actual show had taken the time to put those two alone together more than the Worst Field Trip With Zuko Ever.
6/24/2015 c26 22WDW
I really want to thank you for updating, and honestly, for writing this fic as a whole. Bringing Out the Blue stands out to me as one of the best - honestly, if not /the/ best - fic in the Avatar fandom. It's wonderfully written, intricately plotted, and ridiculously addictive. I was afraid that the fic was dead for a long time. I'm honestly just ridiculously happy that you came back to it. I know about the health issues you've been dealing with, and thank you for working on another chapter in spite of them.
6/17/2015 c25 8Patbrooke
Please tell me that this fic isn't abandoned? Like I might break down in tears if it is.
6/9/2015 c25 Houndini
Society? Don't you mean the Order of the White Lotus?
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