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7/1/2020 c26 93FiveRivers
Poor Zuko... He's in a permanent state of identity crisis. No idea what's going on in his head... Poor kid... Thank you for writing. It's sad to see it end here, but what there is has brought me joy.
6/26/2020 c26 Petals27
My god this has been a phenomenal story, it's such a shame that it has no ending :(
6/18/2020 c12 2Iheart2manyfandoms
This made me fee at 3 in the morning. Tysm
6/9/2020 c26 Guest
Is this completed?
6/4/2020 c26 9Prince Pondincherry
The Dai Li are by far the most terrifying villains in the show. I'm now worried that Sokka got brainwashed (he's "oddly tired." I'm worried that King Kuei is brainwashed instead of just sheltered (since it makes sense, and you've done other things that make sense even when they were non-canon). And I'd be worried for Toph if we weren't about to go to her perspective. Or more worried, really, since something could still go wrong in the second half of the chapter.

The Dai Li challenging Toph at her own game is great, especially since she's staying a step ahead of them anyway.

"Just like last time." Lol. I guess Toph was lucky her family is so rich and influential.

Oh good, they made it. Now they can coast on the Avatar's political capital until they piss of the Dai Li too much, and they're all together so they might be able to win when that happens.
6/3/2020 c24 Prince Pondincherry
I like how Toph actually was trying to help Zuko sleep by jabbing him with a rock.

Ooh, challenging the elite earthbender team to battle Toph is a decent plan. Assuming she can actually beat them, which isn't a given with how outnumbered she'd be.
Hmm. They're totally worried that the Dai Li will have a problem with General Sung if he admits he might need help. That could be an issue. I hope he's okay if Toph beats his men.
I feel really bad for the guy, actually. It seems like he's just not an independent thinker at all, but he's really been beaten into submission by the Dai Li.

Great. Team Avatar got to the city TOO EARLY and so won't be there to fight the drill. Maybe the Order of the White Lotus will have better luck.

I'm glad Toph has her friends around for support this time. I don't like feeling bad for her because I know she'd hate it if she were real.

Ooh, Zuko is so close to realizing that Iroh doesn't want him to succeed at some things. If you love someone, you push them in the right direction-which means you push them AWAY from the wrong direction.

Jet, Smellerbee, and Longshot staying outside the city as farmers makes a lot of sense.

I continue to be happy whenever Zuko makes a step towards figuring out his messed-up worldview.
6/3/2020 c23 Prince Pondincherry
I LOVE TOPH. (Yes, yes, I know I keep saying that.) And, to be fair, Zuko did very well in their verbal sparring.

As fun as it is, Toph should probably stop baiting Zuko before he gives something away.

Ooh, I was wondering if Zuko would think to apply the "outdated picture" idea to Azulon or Ozai.
6/3/2020 c22 Prince Pondincherry
Oh good. I love the part about Katara realizing she accidentally contributed to the sexism, and I've always been a fan of both her and Aang learning more about healing. (I WAS impressed by how she never actually complained about learning healing with the little girls. You could tell she wasn't happy about it, but she didn't disrespect Yugoda or make a fuss.)

Oh great. They're being so much more careful than any plan they ever did in canon, and they're STILL screwing things up and putting themselves in unnecessary danger. (Assuming Appa escaped already like in canon.) At least this time it's through no fault of their own.

I really love your more in-depth look at Mai and Ty Lee. This whole hostage situation is really interesting. And it created an opportunity for more talking-between-enemies, which is a trope I love, especially in this fandom. A LOT more talking. And more of Toph getting to be AWESOME. I assume Aang's not talking much because A) knife to the throat and B) all he really cares about right now is Appa, not negotiating. (The others are also handling the negotiation well, but that wouldn't stop Aang from trying something.)
I love how Toph and Ty Lee both keep trying things. They both seem to be using their performers' skills to distract the enemy for an advantage.

Zuko surprisingly has a point. There is no war in Ba Sing Se, so if that was the only place not under Fire Nation control, they might be pretty much safe from retaliation.

I think it's really helping Mai that Zuko is obviously working through this WITH her, as opposed to canon where he just turned traitor with no explanation and she had to decide to help him without really thinking it through. And Mai is also helping Zuko a lot. Her explanation of how it's actually Zuko's responsibility to question the Firelord may convince him that he's not actually betraying his country.

Loyalty is a clear theme of this chapter, and it's fascinating.
6/3/2020 c21 Prince Pondincherry
I love how Team Avatar figured out the Blue Spirit was working for the Order of the White Lotus before they knew it existed, before he was actually working for them, and even before HE knew it existed. But now it's kinda true.
6/3/2020 c20 Prince Pondincherry
I guess you're going with the interpretation that they didn't actually kiss on the way to Omashu? Or Katara's assuming that Aang was only doing it to escape like he said he was.

Even though Zuko didn't accomplish what he wanted by talking to Azula, he still talked to her on his own terms, which is infinitely better than waiting until the caverns below Ba Sing Se like in canon.
I think he's actually right that Azula cares about him. Actually, this is probably part of why he's so bad at recognizing how other people think (Ozai not loving him and Iroh being so good to him), if he's calibrated for Azula's messed-up affection.
6/3/2020 c19 Prince Pondincherry
As much as this episode was a low point for Team Avatar, it was one of Katara's greatest showings, and I'm glad you explored that a bit more.
6/3/2020 c18 Prince Pondincherry
I love how Iroh has to convince himself that Azulon actually would have ordered Zuko's death, just like Zuko has to convince himself that his own father is evil.

"Does it take practice to become so annoying in your wisdom?" is a great line.

I love this chapter a lot. Zuko and Iroh still argue and fight a lot, and Iroh still isn't perfect, but they're doing much better at being there for each other than in canon. Toph is still great, and the whole discussion with the Gaang was great as well.
6/3/2020 c17 Prince Pondincherry
I continue to be sympathetic to Zuko's viewpoint on the killed soldiers while still thinking Aang was completely in the right.

I like this version of fire healing. It really fits with the whole "fire is life" thing.

I love the "oddly persuasive - that is, slightly persuasive instead of not" thing.

I'm pretty sure a large part of why Iroh is "much better than expected" is that he's waking up to see Zuko having a peaceful conversation with the Avatar and two of his companions.

Of course Iroh's bringing up the tea. And I love Aang's "no problem!"

I love how Iroh is both deliberately playing up his kookiness to lower tensions and genuinely excited to make tea and help everyone get along.
6/3/2020 c16 Prince Pondincherry
I love Toph. She makes every story better when she shows up. Somehow, even though it's all been great so far. (I felt the same way about canon.)

I'm glad Zuko finally got to yell his anger at Aang. I hope Aang doesn't take it to heart too much. I can't see that being good for him, although thinking about the consequences of his actions more wouldn't be bad if he can do it without massive amounts of guilt.

I love this setup with the three opposing camps all near each other and communicating a lot despite still technically being enemies.
6/3/2020 c15 Prince Pondincherry
It's really good that Zuko's keeping his opinions to himself still. No matter how justifiably angry he is that the others are forgetting the Avatar killed a whole bunch of Fire Nation soldiers, he still doesn't seem to realize that if the Avatar HADN'T done anything, another nation would have been wiped out by his own.

OH. Maybe the other prisoners were unexpectedly nice because they were actually decent people thrown in jail on trumped-up charges by the unjust town? Not sure why I didn't think of this when I watched the episode. Or maybe they're just nice because he's a kid.

Roku's not the smartest cookie, but I'm pretty sure he didn't mean what Aang thinks he did. Roku said that if Aang doesn't stop Ozai, it would be very bad. That doesn't mean everything will be fine if he DOES stop him.

I love the painful irony of Katara thinking Azula might be more open to negotiation than Zuko.

I'm surprised that Zuko got that truth bomb out of such a difficult conversation, but I'm glad he did.
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